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The Razer Kishi Game Controller For iPhone Lets You Play Xbox Games More Efficiently – Read To Know


Dear gamer fans out there I bring in a lot of good news for you as Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming service. It was initially released in beta testing in November 2019, and then the service later launched for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15, 2020, has now expanded its market even more with the recent release of a brand new gaming console which will allow you, my dear gamer readers, to carry your A-game with you and you can show off your gaming skills anywhere and anytime. Xbox Cloud Gaming is introducing a universal mobile gaming controller that fits most smartphone devices and is perfectly designed to bring console-level control to your on-the-go gaming device. This recent gaming console is made for iPhone users as an iPhone or iPad user with the Game Pass Ultimate account can now use this gaming console to experience a new level of playing. 

Well now for the big reveal! The name of this new gaming console is named the brand new Razer Kishi for iPhone.

To be honest I have heard many people saying how difficult it is at times to play on the iPhone due to the lack of availability of consoles for iPhones whereas it is very easily found for the other phones. So, the accessory makers have used that as their inspiration for the idea of this brand new console and they have tried to make the most of it as their aim is only one thing and that is to make sure that the gaming console is just like a gamer would wish to have in his/her iOS device.  

Now I am sure you all must be wondering that Xbox wouldn’t take out a gaming console exactly as the one like before just for iOS users there must be some other feature too. So what else is different in this version of the Razer Kishi? Well to begin with this new Razer Kishi has a new design of its controller. So instead of those normal boring blue, green, red, yellow buttons of the previous model, the new controller features monochrome buttons, which if you ask me look much more classy and pretty to be seen. It also features a Lightning connector and MFi certification, so it’s designed to work instantly with pretty much any iPhone just by fitting it to your device which makes the user’s work easier and it makes it very convenient to use. 

This new Razer Kishi model is available to pre-order from now with a price set at $99.99 in the US, or €129.99 in Europe. Or if you would like something better and classier you can save a little money and order the first-generation model with colorful buttons. So the choice is yours! But I am sure this must have brought in a lot of good news for the iPhone users as with the help of this new gaming console the iPhone users can come back into full action because this console is very easy and better to use and the best part of this is that it improves your gameplay and your shooting skills and as they claim to say ‘With this controller by your side, wherever you go, victory will follow’. So it definitely is going to be another hit product from the Xbox family.

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