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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 Will Not Be Getting The New Wear Os Update But Samsung Has More To Offer With 3 Years Of Software Updates


Wear OS Google’s wearable watch system which has been seen on a lot of smartwatches and wearables might not be seen on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. According to the source, the new Samsung watch will be the first to have Google’s updated and new wearable system which is quite different from the original Wear OS. It is more like One UI which Samsung is quite famous for. This news is quite exciting for Samsung watch fans but there’s some bad news too. As Samsung earlier promised to not isolate the old Tizen-based smartwatch users, it is isolating them with the launch of the new Galaxy Watch 3.

Google’s Wear OS earlier which was known as Android OS hasn’t been running well for many years. The reason for this is unknown. When the news about the collaboration between Samsung, Google, and Fitbit spread, fans were optimistic and thought that Google could now finally come up with something amazing and would be back in competition with its rivals. The new wearable platform of Google that Samsung has designed is rumored to bring Google back in line.

Samsung itself does not have any OS smartwatches. One question that has created chaos is whether the older OS smartwatches will get the new upgrade or not. Fans might get upset if the upgrade I not possible.

Samsung recently in MWC 2021 stream talked about how it cares for its smartwatch users and will provide them three years of software updates till the product’s availability. This promise by Samsung assures us that the company will not isolate their smartwatch users but it does point out something unusual. Now it’s not confirmed yet but through sources, it has been known that the recent Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 users would not get the new Wear OS update and would rum on the old Tizen only. 

The news is quite believable as the software on which Tizen runs is not yet supported by Wear OS. So a completely new model needs to be created by Samsung to run the Wear OS system.

These old Samsung watches not getting the Wear OS is still quite disheartening as they are excellent watches compared on the basis of their hardware. Sammobile reports recently talked about a rumor where Google itself is not allowing other smartwatches to have the Wear OS on it. It is not only blocking old Samsung smartwatches but also old smartwatches who already have a Wear OS system on it will not be getting the update according to rumors.

Samsung has always been using the Tizen-based software platform for its smartwatches but now after its collaboration with Google, it will use the new updated Google Wear OS software.

In a press release, Samsung talked about this new update referring to it as a new unified platform where the world can come together and have a bigger place and have better apps that can help millions of Galaxy users around the globe.

Some apps from Samsung will be ported to the Wear OS but Samsung Health is not one of them. Samsung Health will be replaced by Google Fit for the users. Its primary function would be recording your steps and exercises thus taking good care of your health. Samsung is the only one to replace its Health app with Google’s Health app while other mobile companies like Onelpus and Mobvoi still believe in promoting their own health apps.

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