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Oppo’s New Flagship Series Of Smartphones, The Reno 5 Has A Futuristic RAM Expansion Feature


Oppo, the Chinese brand whose parent company is BBQ electronics, has something new for the users. These Chinese brands are very well known for their heavy modifications and crazy new features like pop-up cameras, flip cameras, large RAMs, etc. Now such crazy features and modifications have reduced over time but these updates are like cherry on the cake.

These companies have a pattern of modification. Whenever a good update or feature arrives and the fans like it these companies come up with the same update thus making their place in the market competition.

The trend going on nowadays between the brands is how much RAM they provide. These brands are competing on how much storage they provide. This RAM expansion can be seen in Oppo’s new phones, mostly the flagship phones like the Reno 5 Series. But this new feature is available for selected countries only.

This trend can be traced back to last November when Vivo announced it will be replacing its Funtouch OS with OriginOS. This thus led to replacing Funtouch OS with OriginOS in the Vivo X60 Pro.  The models having 8 GB were replaced by 11 GB and 12GB by 15 GB.

Oppo is on its way to making certain updates where it allows users to add 7 GB of RAM to their phones. This can become by updating the phone and some internal changes in the settings. Oppo will provide three packs through which the users can choose from according to their preference as hinted by the company.

The company also cleared that the three packs through which the users can choose will not be available for free. The company calls this extra RAM they are providing as RAM+ which will be a part of their phone’s internal storage thus it will take up some space from the phone’s storage leaking little space for storing the user’s data. More extended the RAM less is the space for storing your own data.

This technology is quite new for Android users. It has its own benefits like you will get more space to store your apps and thus it will increase the efficiency of your phone and the phone will run smoothly. This technology is very similar to Windows’ virtual memory and Linux’s swap. The users of these platforms can give verdicts on how efficient this RAM actually is.

This feature is only available for Oppo phones but it might become a prominent trend that other brands would like to hop on. This feature is quite convenient for Oppo users as it is something that they can choose from and is not forced on them. They can choose whether they want this feature or not. This feature will be available only for the Reno 5 Series, a flagship series like the Oppo A94 and Oppo A74 from June this year. This phone will be a 5G phone. This feature is limited to the Middle East and Africa now. The phone is still not available in India. Further global expansion is not yet confirmed by the brand.

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