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Apple Prepares For iPhone 13 Series Launch Before Launch Event In Fall 2021 – Latest Updates


Apple overt that they will be launching their new iPhone 13, we are expecting that it will be revealed in 2021. Because of this pandemic, they already have faced so many problems as they launch products like iPhone, apple watch but they did not earn like they previously earned. And now they announced that launched iPhone 13 very soon. And if we talk about the model which is similar to the previous iPhone 12. Major design changes are not expected, and 2021 iPhones will have the same feature set as the 2020 iPhones, but there will be an improvement in their camera. They are also using Qualcomm possessor which supports 5G that will give high performance.

A good battery life we also heard about that they will be supporting wireless all the things in the future but there is no information about this, and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said there will be nothing happen like that. We are expecting that in iPhone 13 it has a large battery capacity than the iPhone 12. Some of the new things that added in this like fingerprint or face detection adding an in-display fingerprint sensor to the iPhone 13 models, which would be used in addition to Face ID as an alternate biometric authentication method, but it seems like this is likely something that will be saved for a future iPhone. They also add Sensor-Shift Stabilization feature for better auto-focus and stabilization across the lineup.

There are also many rumors but I don’t think that you believe in this kind of rumors that give you false news. We can expect the size  5.4-inch iPhone mini, a 6.1-inch low-cost iPhone, a 6.1-inch Pro model, and a 6.7-inch Pro Max model. It’s like a minor update from the iPhone 12. We can also say that this module is heavier than the previous one. And the color is like matte black which replaced space gray. The iPhone 13 is expected to feature a smaller notch, and several reputable sources have indicated that the notch size will shrink in 2021, including Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. There are so many changes that have been done as we have already discussed and some more they are not using USB-C because it is an open standard and less waterproof than Lightning. And Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that Apple will continue to use a Lightning connector for the 2021 iPhone lineup. And also if we talk about ports there will be no ports it’s like they would charge using Qi-based wireless charging and MagSafe accessories.

iPhone 13 storage there will be 1TB of storage space. They also add a new feature which was in iPhone 12 is the Lidar Scanner which measures the light distance and pixel depth of objects in a scene to map out the area up to five meters away. We can predict that it will be launched in September 2021. We can only assume the things that this will happen or something else but we will see after some time the new iPhone 13 which will have great qualities and great specifications. Which provides you a better version of the iPhone.

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