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Samsung Embraces Modernism – Patents New Phone With Detachable Fitness Band


The introduction of flexible technology is the new norm in the industry. It is no secret that people are looking for flexible options and alternatives to their mundane gadgets, which will eventually depict style and comfort at the same time. For the current brands grabbing this opportunity can be a great way to leverage their brand recognizability. Samsung has taken this very step towards flexible technology and a blend of fashion with its new patent phone, having its very own detachable wrist bands. 

Samsung has fully covered what many of us consider the future with its 2 in 1 device consisting of a smartphone that has a detachable wrist band. This is considered to be effective as well as a flexible technology that can influence a lot many devices in the future. Samsung has embraced the changes and is all set to introduce all the new features in its next-gen devices.

The patent for the new design was approved by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on June 22, 2021. This patent included a secondary screen having a detachable portion at the top. As per the convenience of the user, they can remove the above part and can wrap it around the wrist. 

The detachable part has segments embedded in the section in such a manner that it allows the folding of the band in a significant manner. Also, if not in use the band can be connected back to the secondary screen using a connector. To avoid jumbling of connections and inclusion of wires of different connections, the brand will introduce magnetic connections to easily detach and attach the part above the screen, with no significant bezel. 

The patent is still in the nascent stage and does not have any detailed description of how the entire setup will eventually work. But looking closely at the image of the patent, one can observe small buttons on the rear side of the band that can remotely handle the smartphone device. The band can also be seen performing several activities like making calls, playing music, replying to messages, viewing notifications, and much more. These activities are still a secret and will be revealed only after the official launch and announcers of the product. 

The band will also feature its very own battery to avoid any form of overload to the secondary device. The device might have either wifi or Bluetooth connection with the parent device, the primary connection still is a mystery. 

After the release of the patent back in 2018, the design has also faced several criticisms regarding the durability and overall design of the device. The device for the normal eyes does seem appealing but the detachable feature still passes to the eyes of many as something that would not last for years. Considering the timeline for the patent approval the launch of the device also seems far from reality.

Nonetheless, evolution is the part of any big industry and it is not a mystery that if one launch fails the second will follow soon after. In the end, it will be quite interesting to see the journey of Samsung during the launch of its new device, and if it does come to light, it will be very interesting to see the real-life projection, Feature, and durability of the device.

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