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Rumors Suggest That The New Customized Soc Of Nintendo Switch Pro Can Destroy Tegra’s Raw Processing Power


Nintendo’s Switch Pro, which was reported to be released soon before E3, was fake news. But certain investigations done by sources reveal hidden facts about this gaming console. The facts have disclosed the game System on the Chip (SoC) and code name.

These details have been leaked by certain industry insiders who generally leak private personal information and behind the scenes of certain industries so that outsiders can take advantage and be in competition with them. This information was leaked on Twitter where kopite7kimi tweeted about Nintendo’s new System on the chip which as revealed was T239. They also tweeted Black Knight. Many believe it to be the code name for Nvidia’s new codename for the System on the Chip.

This same source tweeted in the past about Nintendo featuring a new form of processor that can be customized by the developers. Later it was revealed that the new processor was the Nvidia Orin S processor. If Nintendo tries to use this processor it will eventually destroy the original Switch T214 Mariko Chip, the Tegra X1+. This processor has four ARM Cortex-A 57 and four ARM Cortex-A 53 cores.

Talking about the graphic card Tegra X1 uses a Maxwell-based GPU with 256 CUDA cores. It also includes a memory controller that bears LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 with a total bandwidth of 25.6 GB/s. While the Nvidia Orin Chip uses Ampere with 2048 CUDA cores and its processing unit bears a 12x ARM Cortex-A78AE core.

Now rumors have continued from then and following March Gameractor gave news about  Nintendo’s Switch Pro getting a new System on the Chip. This report as presented by Gameractor stated that  Nvidia will no longer produce the Tegra X1+ also called Tegra X1 Orin Chip thus causing a chip shortage for Nintendo. As the chip would not be produced the only option left with the team would be to change their system on the chip completely. Now, this is just a rumor and has not been verified by Nintendo’s team.

In an interview with the president of Nintendo Doug Bowser, he did confirm in America that their 2017 hybrid game consoles are performing very well and are loved by fans even today. He said even though they are having good sales of the 2017 hybrid game consoles they are always looking for new technology to be introduced to make the gaming experience even better.

This Nintendo Switch Pro is rumored to debut in 2022 but certain industry insiders. It is still in the development stage and is not yet completed. This Switch Pro would be an updated and very new model which will come out soon as reported by Nintendo.

As the system on the chip of the Nintendo Switch Pro might destroy the Switch Tegra’s X1+ raw processing power it is suggested to scale down the Orin system on the chip which can be supported by the GPU processing power. The full specs and clock rates are yet to be revealed of the Hercules processor so it is quite inaccurate to compare the T234 to T210/T214. Now let’s leave this to the Japanese giant to think about what processor they want to use and which SoC to use.

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