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Pentagon UFO Report: Here Is Everything That You Should Be Knowing


Something strange people around the world are a little bit curious and a little bit of horror because around the world been seeing unexplained flying objects for centuries. In the United States, these Undefined flying objects have been shooting for at least a few decades.  Most people believed that Government knows something about these unidentified objects and the Government is trying to hiding some things. The intelligence department of the United state can finally leak some of the secrets to the Congress party when it hands over an important and necessary report or unclassified report which will be going to available for the public. In this article several points are included like where did this UFO report come from, what does it contain and when this report is going to be released or it is about aliens or not aliens. So read this full article you will know everything about this UFO.

The task force of the Pentagon report is based on the 144 review reports of UAP, this involves observation which is made by aviators present between the year 2001 and 2021. For many years military and pilots have observed strange things present in the sky and they named it ” “Unidentified aerial phenomena”. The change has been done from “UFO” to “UAP”, there some incidents can define through technical error, environmental factors, and some more. Many times it is treated as a joke, but this became the headache of Washington. Senate Majority, Leader Harry M Reid wanted to know about his UFO and wants Pentagon to search for UFO.

The work of this task force is to investigate the anonymous craft in the sky and the experts present in this force keep in an unidentified object and search about it like where this object come from, any organisms present in this craft. Last year during meeting Senate they gave orders to intelligence to investigate UFO and aliens and present a report to the committee.

The main aim of this UFO report is to give whole information to the Government and how the government will able to handle this report. This report consists of mainly only nine pages and this report is published in the American intelligence office that is,” ODNI”.  The name given to this report is ” preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. The team assigns for UFA named Pentagon had published their reports on Friday. In this report, they are showing about 144 UFO or any other flying objects after 2004 were found on Earth. Hence, this report does not give any evidence that it belongs to any other planets and most important things they are not also denying completely that they are not aliens. Besides this, this report also consists of the American environment, management and qualified program.

A statement was given by the American officer that,” we do not have any strong evidence, not any information that for UFO any Aliens responsible.  If we tell anything according to this report, people will things about it. We have no data which indicates that this is a sudden air attack or any neighbor country strategy.

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