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Lenovo Announces A 13 Inch Android Tablet Cum Portable Monitor For $679


Amazing news has announced by Company Lenovo which is the brand new Yoga Tab cost 679 dollar. At the starting of this year, a new version of Yoga Pad pro launched in China. The main character of the tablet or we can say that the function of this tablet is to use as an external display for a laptop. This can also use like a Nintendo switch or maybe for another HDMI device. We should thank its building and manufacturing, which has built n Micro HDMI Port. It has an attached kickstand, which is made up of stainless steel, this kickstand provides a rotation of 180 degrees from the backside of the device. The benefits of this are we can stand it up and also hang it from a wall. Seriously, this is amazing.

The announcement had been made that this Tab 13 is coming with slew like other Android Tablets. Many rumours are spreading everywhere about Tab 13, Users of Lenovo are also excited to know more about this tab and they want to know whole the information regarding this like their official date announcement, their colour and many more. One official news has announced by the experts of Lenovo that this Tab 13 is going to launch after summer, they also not confirm but they said they are expected to launch may be in summer or after this summer. They added one more statement that a smaller Yoga Tab 11, a Tab P11 plus having a 2000* 1200 display and also the Budget fixed Tab M7 and Tab M8 is coming, one strange thing they said is the Tab M8 will not going to be sold in the united states.

This Tab 13 has many amazing features like their about its battery life, its quality of the camera, screen and brightness quality and also about the most eye-catchy feature that is a Precision pen. The battery life of this Lenovo Tablet 13 is about 12 hours, meaning you can use it for up to 12 hours. It consists of an 8MP camera, having background noise reduction available for video calls. Lenovo said and promised,” you can get up to 12 hours of battery and that its 1080p screen may reach 400 nits of brightness.”

All the upcoming Brand new tablets of Lenovo provide a new Entertainment space for Google. This Google Entertainment space provides many features like this allows users to access many things which include books, videos and games. This feature has not been restricted to a single app you can allow users to access these things from many different apps present in a single hub.

If we talk about Lenovo and their friend following among users is awesome. It has a wonderful record for satisfying users and upgrade and up to date entertainment focused on Android device. Like if we talk about its new Tab P11 Pro has amazing features like an OLED screen and Dolby Atmos Speaker they claimed that it is going to be the best movie-watching device.

Hope the new Tab 13 will come to market soon and do not believe in rumours. For more update keep in touch with us.

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