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Finally It’s Happening, Zoom To Launch PWA Chromebook App Next Week


Zoom has finally opened its mouth and Company said they are coming with the most wonderful feature ever had.  The Company Zoom has announced that they are going to release a  new feature known as Progressive Web App. In short, we can call this app is called as PWA. This app is for Chromebooks and this is going to available from 29 June means tomorrow Yes. The company said many things about it and also uploaded a post regarding this. One of the posts from the Company, In this blog Company, said, ” we are excited to announce we are launching a new Zoom progressive web application [PWA] for Chrome OS. This will improve the Zoom Experience for Chromebook users, and give them access to even more Zoom features on Chrome OS devices.”  From this, we understand Zoom is going to advance this app and feature, and Chromebook users are going to gain a wonderful experience.

According to Zoom, the Personal Web App will be going to provide Users of Chromebook an upgrading experience with the platform. They also added this Personal Web App is going to provide “much of the same features as the Windows and Mac apps”. They simply wanted to tell that their features will the same as the features present in the Mac book and Windows. Let’s discuss several features for this new Personal Web App, for example, this app will have the view of the gallery, Breakout Rooms for self-select, and have live transcription. Further, they will also have a new masking feature present in the Background, this feature is for privacy along with raised hands and also meeting reactions. This background feature will give you privacy means you can give reaction during the meetings and also you can raise your hands.

The company also said,” we will also be going to introduce a wide range of new features and hopefully they are releasing over the next three to six months that will further accelerate what Zoom can do on Chrome and Web.” Zoom said this new PWA can be downloaded from the Play Store of Google and maybe appear like an app available For the Os Device of Chrome. It is not necessary that the new Personal Web Acess can use the newest Browser of Chrome.

Last year all of us know that video conferencing and meetings had become the game last year, this all because lockdown took place everywhere because of Covid 19, and This all meetings and conferences held on zoom, so it is not incorrect to use Zoom word in place of meeting. Zoom becomes one of the hit apps and very soon or say that most probable next week this App will launch PWA for the Chromebooks available on the google play store.  Zoom gave a statement that the Chromebook app will available and in this, the new Zoom helps to function as a true app, however not going to perform every function. Instead of this, the features have delivered through the web. The company told,” users of Chrome Enterprises and Chrome Education will have to access by January 2022.”

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