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Eiyuden Chronicle’s Release Delayed On Nintendo Next Gen Hardware Upsets Fans


Eiyuden Chronicle developers Rabbit and Bear earlier gave out a Q & A where it wanted to understand the concerns of the fans. A major concern was the release of Eiyuden Chronicle on other platforms and not on Switch. The team confirmed that the game is not Switch compatible and thus will not be launching on Switch. The fans are sad about this. The team while answering the Q&A said that the video game will be available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and Nintendo’s next-gen hardware.

While addressing the issue of not launching the game on Switch the team said that with the game releasing in two to three years it’s impossible to predict the gaming hardware will be prominent at that time. They think that the game should be available on Nintendo’s next-gen hardware for all as porting the video game to other platforms might be very costly and we are unaware of other requirements that the game might bring forth while porting it to other platforms.

The team even went deeper into the issue stating how including lower-spec hardware for launching the game is quite hard as the whole process of developing the game needs to be done again. The developers need to downgrade the textures, re-code the game, and even lower pixels thus completely losing the quality and experience of the game.

There is a campaign that is focused on raising funds so that the game can be released on Switch 2 rather than Nintendo’s next-gen hardware. This is quite similar to the crowdfunding campaign for Bloodstained which happened in 2015 and it was able to raise enough funds to be released on Switch rather than Wii U where it initially was to be released.

Now talking about the game, the developer’s Rabbit and Bear are planning to make a video game that will be a successor for the old spiritual Konami classic Suikoden series. The crowdfunding campaign named  Eiyuden Chronicle is to be launched by the studio on 27th July 2021. The studio consists of creators who were behind the Suikoden series and this studio is quite new.

The game is a Japanese game full of adventure, it’s also an indie game. Its a classic game and its storyline is quite similar to old PlayStation games and will feature JRPG exploration and combats. The gargics would be 2.5 D which is quite high resolution, a story full of fights and friendships and enemies and pears with 100 different heroes each with their distinct features who join with the main character and defect the antagonist and they join in an attempt to grow there regime so they can fight and win easily.

The plot of the story begins in a small place Allraan, patchwork on states and nations with a diverse culture and rich ethnic values. The history of the land has been molded by leagues of humans, beastmen, elves, and desert people bound by love and aggression. It’s a magical game with magical objects called “rune lenses”. Now the fate of the land lies in the hands of the heroes and how they fight to win the battles.

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