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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 To Launch With 80 Watts Wireless Charging Support


A report had published from the Chinese media, this news suggests that the new features of Xiaomi. As we know day by day advancement is increasing, so how can the Chinese be on the backside when comes to advancement in technology. According to that report, the Chinese new report announced or we can say that they will be going to ship Xiaomi Mi Mix4 having a large 5,000mAh battery. This battery supports a 120W fast-charging system along a cable means with the support of cable and the most amazing feature is 80W wirelessly. Hence if you want to hit your speed in charging then definitely you need a proprietary wireless charger.

For, ages we have seen any advanced features in Mi MixSmartphone. Like every day some company launches their new features or talked about the new updates, but It has been while not any additional features included Mi MixSmart phone. There are many rumours which are spreading regarding this phone, its release date, its upcoming price and many more. If everything is normal, maybe this year Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will launch because much evidence is suggesting that this year maybe they will launch year. Rumours also much specific identification about this phone. Here a report by Chineses news outlet said about their new powerful battery.

According to Xiaomi the Mi Mix 4 will be coming with a 5000mAh cell that supports 120 W fast charging, this is available along with cable. If you look this is not so advanced and admirable and new advancement features of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. As you have noticed this features on other Xiaomi phone and it is also not new features. But one of most eye-catch features is that wireless charger which supports at 80 W. Seriously this features is very good and because of this feature they will complete to their other competitors like Oppo and Vivo. So if you want this new feature then you have to use proprietary hardware for your Speed while charging.  Maybe this wireless charger is out and it is about to out, so users could not find any difficulty to find this amazing charger.

About three years nothing new is launched by this Xiaomi Company but this time they are ready to lunch something with new features and new advancement. As mentioned earlier, many rumours are highlighting many points which reflect towards Xiaomi feature. This device comes with BM58 batteries having a rated capacity of 5,000 mAh. One report also suggests that this device will come with an amazing display and many reports are suggested many things. So it is very difficult to believe in all features. If the report regarding charging capacity is going to be true then Xiaomi Mi Mix4 may have one of the highest fast-charging systems and this time it is available in any other device. If we talk about the cost, maybe it is going to quite expensive than Mi11 which costs Rs 69,999 now. Hence, as of now, we have to wait for any official announcement.

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