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Sonic The Hdgehog 2 Release Date Confirmed For Next Year With The Latest Tweet From Jeff Fowler


The beloved character who just celebrated its 30th anniversary is back again and will now be starring in a movie. The movie is titled after this infamous character as ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’.This will be the second Sonic movie and is directed by Jeff Fowler.

Jeff recently announced on his socials that the movie has completed its filming and is set to release next year. The release date as confirmed by sources is April 8th,2022. The movie’s shooting initially started in Vancouver but was later shifted to Hawaii to complete the very last scenes of the movie. The production of the sequel started in March and it was completed in a time period of 3 months.

Ben Schwartz would again be heard as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog while James Marsden will be the voice of Tom Wachowski and Jim Carrey to reprise his role as Dr.Robotnik.

The sequel of the movie unfolds the adventures of Sonic and his sidekick Trails who sets off on a journey to find the emerald. The antagonist of the movie is Dr. Robotnik with his new partner Knuckles is also out there searching for this emerald. The emerald is said to possess powers and has the capability to create as well as destroy societies/civilizations. Sonic’s home place in the movie is described as Green Hills where he does enjoy his newfound freedom. Both his friends Tom and Maddie to give him some space agree to leave and go on a vacation. This sequel was spotted on the website of the US Copyright Office.

It isn’t clear how accurate this sequel is but looking at photos of the shooting and through other sources, it’s very clear that Trails and Knuckles will be featured in the movie.

Fans may be quite disappointed to not see the old characters who are very close friends to Sonic like Tom and Maddie. The director Jeff Fowler did address this issue stating that it’s necessary to adapt to and that’s what the movie is doing so it becomes more relevant to recent trends.

It’ll only introduce new characters and storyline keeping in mind the new trends and what people like. Fowler also said that they stuck to the old 1991 storyline as they wanted to keep it simple and easy for people to understand.

When he was asked about the supporting characters in the movie that is Trails and Knuckles he cleared that their main goal, in the beginning, is to get Sonic and Dr.Robotnik right.To make them look good and give them a good back story so the fans/audience became connected to the main characters and have a sense of belongingness to them. The second thing they faced was to show their rivalry how good of enemies they were and to show the intensity, aggression between them.Ā 

Then they tried to focus on supporting characters and tried to introduce new members so that it enhanced the rivalry among the two.

He expressed his happiness and shared how grateful he is to get such an amazing opportunity to direct Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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