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Google Brings Google+ Like Design Back In The Latest Version Of Google Contacts App


As we know the day by day advancement and technology is getting advanced and for this making establishment of many companies takes place and they hire more employee. So basically for the development of any company employees are very necessary because their contribution may help in company growth. All employees have very good communication with their colleagues. So for this  Google is a company with a very brand new concept and new advancement which helps users and seriously when users use this they will going to have become fans of this feature. Google is updating Google contacts. Yes, you all are amazed by this updated look of Google Contact, How it is going to become new features, and what is the main purpose. Google contact is completely different from other contact apps. We can say that this is an advanced method of saving contacts. So If you want to know about this Google contacts update, its new feature and how can you get them, then read this article.

Like  Microsoft launched its new version next to OS, Google is updating a new look which is used for Google Contacts. If you want to hear words from the company, Company said ” A new experience for Google Contacts which help Google workspace users learn more about their colleagues. I think you understand some things from this statement. In a simple word, they want to advance their feature of Google contact and in this, you will know something more about people whom you are working with. While practicing or say that if you use or gain experience, it shows a chart of your organization, this chart organization include as a part of the Contacts UI and one also your history that consist of your mail and meetings with a particular person. This Google Contacts main aim is to keep things cleanly organized in order and the most important statement they said:” you can easily learn more about your colleagues and Stakeholders”. This sounds so amazing.

Right now there is no indication which suggests that this model is coming to personal accounts. It is just for workspace users and G suite accounts of various few weeks. Hence, within contacts, you can experience many detailed views of your colleagues and stakeholders like their management chain, department, and title, also include workspace history of yours like your previous email and meetings and also your conversation. As you know people are very busy in their work these days this Google contact helps to organize their information in a clean and detailed manner and they will learn more about their colleague and stakeholders and after this person will comfortable with their colleagues and it makes easy collaboration and turn their ideas into impact. The use is simple you have to go to google contacts, then select the contact and press the tab bar for search after that you will get detailed information about your organization. This Google app is available for all Google customers including G-suite Basic and Bussiness customers.

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