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Dark Souls: Nightfall; This Fan Made Sequel Is More Than A Mod, Releases December 21st


Dark Souls an action role-playing game developed by From software. The Dark souls: Nightfall which is a fan-made sequel was earlier informed in February 2021. Now, this fan-made sequel is set to release on December 21st, 2021. The team Nightfall has also released a new teaser that can be found on Youtube.

This fan-made sequel of Dark Souls: Nightfall has been developed by a fan which includes new characters, a new storyline, new enemies, and new bosses. The fan used the game’s existing engines and programs to build this sequel. We can say that the fans tried to build the sequel from scratch. The game is a single-player game and can be enjoyed alone which is the best part of the game. Also, Nightfall will restrict you from connecting to the official servers who are the original developers of the game which is good news. You may be wondering how it is good news, well the game is restricted to connect to official servers thus you won’t receive any penalty or ban for playing the game in areas where it is restricted to be played.

This mod will not be a part of Dark Souls: Remastered and would be completing exclusive. Now the developers did try to include the game in PtDE thus extending the mod. This didn’t work due to certain technical limitations and changes made by Nightfall in the game due to which the mod does not support PtDE.

The Dark Souls: Remastered can be played in other mods like 6 GB HD  Texture Pack which adds new enemies, maps, and objects into the game.

The graphics mod changes the fog settings lighting and makes visual related changes. Also, the Ultra HD Texture Pack adds more than 100 high-quality 4k textures to the game making it more challenging and interesting.

This fan-made sequel is made by top-level experienced developers and modders including Grimrukh the one behind Daughters of Ash mod. He is very talented. There is also an 18 min long video of him redesigning the game on Youtube.

Dark Souls: Nightfalls starts where the last modded version ends, which is Dark Souls: Remastered. This game will take the player in reverse order through the location and thus tries to create a connection with the players.

The game begins in the Undead Asylum and continues through certain obstacles until the players are thrown into the Kiln of the First Flame, the final fight of the game.

The story from the Asylum to the Kiln is quite fascinating and worth playing.

The game also has a day-night cycle thus it makes the game more realistic to play. Grimrukh recently tweeted showing how the game is to be played.

Some interesting facts about the game include certain modes of playing. While fighting the Souls the players can use ‘Stance’ a new command where the players can play extra aggressively and have quicker attacks than normal, they also get better dives and a good health backup.

The game has its own voice and tones which are spot on and this is a project that is made by people who love gaming and understand it just like you do.

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