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The Early Version Of WhatsApp With Multi-Device Support is Here But Is Limited To Only 1 Device


Just we know that we can use WhatsApp at a time on one platform, we log out from another device then we can access it on another device. But now it is the trial on Whatsapp beta. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, who shared all this news related to the recent update. So in the future, you can access your Whatsapp on a different platform. Because we are using Whatsapp on a daily basis so it’s easy to access your WhatsApp and it will helpful for people. Multi-device support will initially be limited to WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, and the Facebook Portal smart display.

So sometimes what happened you might feel exasperated because you just firstly log out then you can log in to a different platform. WABetaInfo shared all the information about that how it will further proceed and how it will work they shared some screenshots. With the help of a screenshot, you can easily understand how it works. Some of the features also like you can increase the speed of the audio record that is now updated. Zuckerberg and Cathcart confirmed several other upcoming features — including self-destructing media, and how multi-device access will work without an active data connection. It’s like many features that will add on furthur next updation. just like view once, you can just see the image which otherone send it to you after that it will disappear. It also will not downloaded in your gallery so it’s a really good thing. Basically, they are making more effective more efficient for the user so the user can easily access all the things.

What’s more impressive is that earlier this year data suggested a public preview of the beta phase for WhatsApp multi-device support. Cathcart confirmed that a public beta is set to launch within the next two months and that you’ll be able to connect up to four devices simultaneously. these are some features that make it so flexible. This could be a setback for many users who are hoping to run WhatsApp across an iPhone and Android phone simultaneously — or multiple Android/ iOS smartphones. Notably, all devices need to be running to the latest version (or at least the same version) of WhatsApp to function properly. It’s still under development but we can say that in the future we will see this kind of feature in this app because they are working. And it will also secure because you have doubt that when we access different platform so maybe our security will disclose to other but it will not. Because  It will essentially aim to ensure that all chats are safe and there’s no vulnerability while using the platform on different devices. And also they said that when you synchronize two devices with the same account, meaning users can access the same chats and media files on two different devices simultaneously. These things are in testing mode after some time we would use these things that will help you definitely for sure. The new report also sheds some light on how this feature will work.

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