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Microsoft Windows 11 To Step Up The Game With Android Apps, Thanks To Amazon App Store


Technology is taking a huge turn in the current year, with a gazillion of updates still on the way, one impressive thing to note is the launch of Android apps on Windows 11 through Amazon.

Surely not a clickbait, as Microsoft announced at its recent windows conference the launch of Android apps on Windows 11 through the Microsoft store, directly pulling the apps through Amazon Appstore. The Amazon AppStore was solely used for their fire tablets and other streaming devices that did not have access to Google services. Now, the Appstore is going to have a new pathway – Windows 11.

The apps will be directly able to run on the Windows platform using the latest technology introduced by Intel Bridge, which allows the Android apps to directly run on ×86 devices. The devices to go through such changes will be AMD as well as ARM that allows a larger base of devices to follow the path of Windows shortly. The question of how smoothly and efficiently the app will run is still a matter of debate. This can be surely verified once the launch has taken place and users hail the feature. 

The UI elements of the app are still in the discussion phase. The apps are still focused on small devices and do not have any direct conversion for Windows or desktop versions. The new Snap Layout feature is sure to bridge the gap of the layout and might bring the results anticipated by many to the road. 

The entire journey of the journey of apps from android to Windows is surely interesting, where many claim the devices to have a seamless and smooth transition many still are very about the same. Well, the answer will be available to us only when one sees the app running in the real world. Microsoft has already once proved their transition through TikTok which was smoothly running on both Windows as well as on Android apps. 

Another interesting fact put forward by Microsoft is the collaboration of Amazon Appstore rather than using Google services directly. This can prove a hindrance to apps that rely on Google services for most of the tasks they perform. One more point of concern here will be the reaction of Google to the new feature introduced by Microsoft. 

Google chrome has the best point within itself wherein the apps are their strengths to sales, and to preserve this very feature Google can make it difficult for apps to run on any other feature than Google services making it a difficult job for Windows to launch their apps through Amazon. Well, as discussed the feature is still unknown to many of us, and no concrete discussions are made in the announcement as well. The future is yet variable and can bring many challenges as well as hindrances. 

One thing here for sure is that Windows users will now receive a huge range of apps on their pins that can be directly obtained without any plugins. Hope the feature is launched successfully and provides a new way of technology for the tech-savvy people in the world.

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