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Mario In A New Avatar In Mario Golf Super Rush – See All Details Here


Super Mario is yet again coming in a new avatar which is quite fascinating, to be honest. This adored character will now be seen on a golf course in the new game Mario Golf Super Rush. Nintendo will be launching Mario Golf Super Rush today. With being an excellent plumber, Mario will also now be known for his splendid golf.

This isn’t the first Mario golf game. The very first Mario golf game was released in 1987’s NES Open Tournament Golf. Mario has had many golf games in the past with the most recent being the one released in 2014 which was Mario Golf: World Tour.

Now fans may ask what’s new in the game and why we should play it. Mario Golf Super Rush will be the first golf game to be launched on Nintendo Switch while all the other earlier games launched on Nintendo 3DS. 

The game will be released on 25th June 2021, that’s today, and will be available to all at 9 pm PT on 24th June for all US residents. For the UK fans, it will be available at 12 am BST on 25th June.

If your thinking about whether there’s any pre-order bonus for the game but now there isn’t but the fans can have a super cool water bottle with the games logo on it available just on Amazon you can access it through the following link 

Now ‘Best Buy’ a US-based company is offering a golf bag tag while Gamestop is offering a pin set. This shows how popular the game has been for years.

If you are a die heart fan of the game and expect to get the game just on the release date you can get it on GAME or Smyths.

You may get it much cheaper on Smyths than on GAME which is £44.99 which is much cheaper than £49.99 on GAME.

Now talking about file size and downloadable content the  

Mario Golf Super Rush has a file size of 4.9 MB, quite larger than the previous games launched by Nintendo. Now the game can also be pre-ordered from Nintendo eShop where you will get a digital copy of the game and you can thus preload the game.

The platform through which you can access the game is quite common as Mario been a Nintendo creation. It can be accessed through Nintendo Switch.

Talking about the gameplay, the game is all about golf as the name suggests. The main goal is to get the ball into the hole as quickly and in fewer strokes as possible. It also includes chatting with people as you play thus sharing your wins and losses and competing on the way. The one who gets the most shots in fewer shots possible and reaches the end of the game course wins and is declared as the winner. 

Now, what makes it more exciting and fun is Switch controllers. You can either get the ball into the hole using the old press button or the new Switch controllers which add a bit of spice to the game.

So one mode added to this game is the Speed Rush mode where all players play together and try to shoot their shot at the same time. This is quite a fun mode where your speed and sense of mind can be tested.

The trailer for the game is available on their youtube channel thus you can get a glimpse of what you’re getting.

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