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What Is The Green Hydrogen Deal Between Germany And Australia? Everything To Know


With the increase in air pollution resulting in increased global warming issues, many experts are not in support of using hydrogen as the fuel of the future instead of diesel and petrol as they let out harmful toxic gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides which later result in acid rain and other health issues. More recently, two other key objectives have come into light which as a result is accelerating the development of an alternative fuel, which is independent of foreign oil and is securing renewable, affordable energy sources.

Most experts suggest that hydrogen as an alternative fuel is going to be very effective and efficient as it consists of all the elements to address all the concerns related to air pollution as there are zero emissions of toxic gases, the supply is endless unlike fossil fuels which will run out one day and the production may use a variety of energy sources, including renewable energy sources. 

Recently with this initiative in mind two of the countries, namely Australia and Germany have agreed to shake hands with each other and decided to invest in the development of a clean hydrogen supply chain between the two countries. The two nations have brought their national hydrogen strategies together after signing a new agreement. This agreement eventually allowed Australia to keep exporting renewable hydrogen fuel to Germany. The agreement includes the establishment of a research and development initiative which is called the German-Australian Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Incubator, or shortly known as HyGATE. Where Australia has donated up to $50 million for this incubator, while Germany has donated up to around $79 million.

This is a great initiative taken by the countries as it shows us a glimpse of the better thing which will happen in the future and just like Germany has committed itself to become greenhouse gas neutral by 2050 with the added aim of cutting its emissions by 55% from its 1990 levels by 2030. Every country should take up this initiative so that we can heal our mother Earth even quicker and leave better footsteps for future generations to follow. Like Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement during the signing of the agreement that “Our ambition is to produce the cheapest clean hydrogen in the world, which will transform transport, mining, resources and manufacturing at home and overseas” Similarly, minister for resources Keith Pitt said that clean hydrogen “is a transformational fuel that can be used to power vehicles, generate heat and electricity, and be used as a chemical feedstock in major industrial applications. Australia has what it takes to be a world leader in hydrogen production and exports.”

This plant is a tiny step towards clean unpolluted air and we all should hope for the success of this plant as it will benefit us you might think that there is no need for this now as everything seems fine but to be honest, it isn’t fine and if start taking steps now it is going to be far far better in the future so the plant is due to complete in late 2022 and we all hope for the best of this plant as then one success can definitely lead to another and another till we have fixed all the problems of this world. The modern world has given us the opportunity to fix our ancestral mistakes and even our so let us take that opportunity for the betterment of our home.

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