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Four “Trail” Games Are Coming To The West For The First Time, Falcom Made Official Announcements


Nihon Falcom announced four trails game which will come for the first time to the west. These games are based on role-playing. It is a part of their larger “The Legend of Heroes” franchise and itself consists of several distinct story arcs, including Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel. They are celebrating their 40th anniversary and then they announce the name of all four games. And also they conforming that these games support all platforms like PC, PS4, and Nintendo. Basically, these platforms give players more effective gaming power so they mind all these things and made the game based on the current version.

Games are like The Legend of Heroes: Trails from ZeroLegend of Heroes: Trails to AzureThe Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie these are the game which supports all platform. For 40 years, Nihon Falcom has brought out the best JRPG games for many fans worldwide. There have been multiple rumors on what might happen or be announced by the developers of Nihon Falcom. The four titles are existing localized by NIS America, which announced the Trails Of Cold Steel series in Europe and the US. While announcements on different platforms have changed in the past, with Switch and PC ports coming months after launching on PS4, it appears the newly declared titles will release concurrently. In addition to the new Trails game, Nihon Falcon acknowledged that it was working on porting its games to another platform in the upcoming fiscal year for regions including North America.

These are some epic games that will be announced today. The official English names for the adventures of Lloyd Bannings are Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure. The former is slated for 2022, while the latter is down for 2023. Then there are Trails into Reverie — the localized name for the massive RPG that takes place after Trails of Cold Steel IV. This is the latest mainline title in the series and wraps up several nation-sized storylines with a gigantic cast of characters. This is listed as another 2023 release. And finally, we have The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails. This one’s something of a spinoff, and has little to do with the core Trails series. It was originally a PSP game, but this is a full remaster. Again, this is a 2023 release according to Epic. Trails Into Reverie is considered an ‘epilogue’ to the Crossbell and Erebonia arcs, where players will play as the games’ respective protagonists Lloyd Bannings, Rean Schwarzer, and a new mysterious character called ‘C’.

These are the games that are famous worldwide. Everyone wants to play the games so he decides to launch in the west this is good news for the gamers. What will happen we will know today’s night till that we can only assume the things. But now the time has over you can see all these games. These are the things that excite the gamers who was really waiting for a long time.

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