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Twitter Started Accepting Applications For Super Follows And Ticketed Spaces, Features Launching Soon


Hey, Everyone, there is good news about Twitter. You will know everything after reading this article. So read this article full without taking any break and you will know what is new on Twitter.

No one is going to stop Twitter from becoming Monetizes its social network and you will see how successful is going to these attempts. So Twitter comes out from all unwanted things in the starting month of June and going to reveal Twitter blue subscription. This twitter blue subscription is one of the most rumored. Blue subscription is going to offer many features which include both wanted and unwanted for a price. Hence Twitter has now started accepting applications for its more super follows and ticketed spaces, however, one thing that is not so good is the fine print can seriously demotivate some of the creators and also publishers from fully switch abroad.

If we call Ticket spaces is pretty good, then seriously, it is not bad to say this is awesome. Ticket space is the same as an extension of the audio-only space of Twitter. This twitter space is designed to same as a clubhouse. We can say Twitter space is going to be a rival of Clubhouses. This twitter space has some more advanced features than Clubhouse. Ticketed Space’s main and advanced features allow to sale ticket in advance, by this activity this ticketed space may make any event more advance. Just like if you are very busy on a particular day we do not get time to go and buy anything with the help of this advancement anyone can buy a ticket in advance. So with this more people will attain shows and an event feel more special and organized this is all because of exclusive of this Ticketed Space. However, Instagram and clubhouse have new features in which host can mute their audio and also turn off their video and also does not allow for advance sales of the ticket, but in Ticketed space of Twitter can do live chats and also able to sell a ticket in advance.

For this advance sale ticket, some requirement is also required for users Like Users have to be more than 18 years of age and minimum requirement of followers to be about one thousand. Users have hosted a minimum of three spaces in the last thirty days. The price of the ticket may range from about $1 to $999 and one more important thing in which creators can set a limit, this means in how many tickets can be sold, what number of tickets is going to sell in advance and what number of ticket is not.

This ticketed space provides many features like in this host can arrange a room for 100 people and maybe for 5, this depends upon host choice. Another choice is that users can easily promote their spaces. The important things Super follow gives you a direct contact relationship having your those followers who are mostly engaged which can access monthly money and you can also get closer to big supporters through giving bonus content, You can also Customize what offer you want to give to your audience that will customization give better benefit and more affordable price to the audience.

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