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Stadia launched For Android TV And Google Is Discounting Half The Price For Stadia Controllers


Hey, Everyone, this is good news for all of you. In this article, you will know everything about stadia and how it comes to Android Tv. So you want to know about Stadia, its working experience, and everything, then, read this article fully. I know you all are amazed after reading this, how is it possible for Stadia to come on Android Tv and you also want to know how Google is celebrating with half of the controllers. This article is not fake and seriously if you have an interest in Stadia then, it is the best time to buy Android Tv and experience these features.

The latest Chromecast is a new version of Chromecast Ultra and earlier this Chromecast runs on Google tv, hence there is some noticeable disadvantage in this Chromecast and people start talking about its disadvantage since its launch last year means after launching and may be used after sometimes people start complaining about this Chromecast. Stadia is a cloud gaming experience and it is also operated by Google and Google has promised about Stadia, Stadia is going to be the future of cloud gaming. After giving this statement from google people were very at that time, but one important thing is that the Stadia is missing from Android devices which consist of  Chromecast with Google Tv. As mentioned earlier, Chromecast was not running on Android Tv devices. But things change this year, I want to say from today Stadia is finally present on the Android Tv and you can find Stadia in the play store. If you have Android TV go and search it in the play store for Stadia. Seriously, this is very big news for Android Tv users and for those who love cloud games.

This has been a very long wait for Stadia to reach on Chromecast, as mentioned Stadia is a gaming app of google and I think this is the best reason for any cloud game lover to buy Chromecast because Stadia is here now. By the web interface, you can find easily find Stadia on the Google play store for a remote install. Simple steps are downloading Stadia which is going to the Google Play store write stadia there and download this. After downloading just open your account and but before opening finish your login process. The setup for this is very simple. after login from your choice pair your controller and select your game from the library. But there is some hurdle in which you cannot shop for new games on the app, for this you need your phone to play something new arrivals.

One important news for all users for the expansion of this Stadia platform, the company is celebrating their Expansion Chromecast with Google, in this, you can find a promo code there, which means in the inbox for a discounted Stadia controller. The company has cut its price in half, which cost around $34.50. Isn’t it seems amazing? This is the best time to improve your gaming experience and this code is valid till 30th July.

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