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Microsoft Nears Apple In Market Cap By Joining The 2 Trillion Dollar Club And Sets A New Benchmark For Other Companies


Sometimes you take the decision and achieve great success, just like Microsoft has. It achieved great success during the pandemic, most of the people, in fact, all IT workers did work from home. That is the major point to get the success. As we know that Microsoft took its place in the history books. The major role in this the CEO of Microsoft, whose strategy helped move upward. The thing is, it achieves great success, they are working on most of the trending techniques these days which are Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. It reached a $ 2 Trillion market value because it good at cloud computing techniques. We can say that Satya Nadella took command in 2014 and transforms companies over Washington into the largest seller of cloud-computing software.

Microsoft is one of the biggest technology company in the US Which provide it a freer hand in both acquisitions and product expansion. In this year Microsoft has gained 19%, as investors piled into the stock on expectations of long-term growth for both earnings and revenue and expansion in areas like machine learning and cloud computing. It knocks out the big companies like Apple and Amazon.com Inc…

Research analyst, Hilary Frisch said that Microsoft doing so well in different areas like gaming, cloud, automation, analytics, AI, and they can get more than that because they are working in the right direction. Which would bring a boom in the future. Because these subjects would go high in near future and something that will differ from this era. These are the technology where people want to do their best because after some time these technologies will be the biggest source to get hired in your post. If we talk about technologies so we have seen that many technologies came and go in different eras. It’s like, one technology work and then other technologies come some time period.

“Microsoft marks all the boxes: it is in the businesses that investors promote, it suggests stable and sustainable growth, and it continues very well-positioned to benefit on the long-term secular trends we see in technology,” said Logan Park, an analyst at Edward Jones. A $2 trillion valuation “is warranted, given how it has pivoted toward the cloud, and it remains attractively valued even given the strong execution.” These are some reasons that gave a new high peak to Microsoft.

Nadella’s strategic moves had put Microsoft in a position to benefit from business trends that arose during the global pandemic. Lockdowns and remote work accelerated a shift to the company’s meeting software and pushed clients to speed up modernizations of software networks and applications around the cloud. The software maker’s Xbox gaming subscriptions also lured users looking for diversion during months stuck at home. He grew this company which achieves great success and knocks out many big companies. These are the efforts when you want to do something great in your life and the important thing is you work in the right direction or not.

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