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Left 4 Dead Characters Are Added To Zombie Army 4 As Downloadable Content As Kim Swift Joins Xbox


The horror first-person shooter video game ‘Left 4 Dead’ characters have officially joined the ‘Zombie Army Trilogy’.

Left 4 Dead was published by Valve and  4 of its characters are joining the Zombie Army Trilogy which is a third-person horror shooter game.

All these 4 characters joining the Zombie Army Trilogy look exactly the same as they did in Left 4 Dead thus keeping the originality as well as giving a nostalgic feeling to the gamers/players. All these  8 characters can be seen active and rushed in the trailer released recently.

These 4 characters namely Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Bill are all set to play on behalf of you and save Europe from the zombie armies of Hitler. These characters will be in addition to the original characters of the zombie army trilogy game and thus adding spice to the original game.

This update is free for all players and is downloadable content. According to sources players will be able to access them from any platform whether it be Xbox or any other platform.

These 4 new characters that will be playing in the Zombie Army Trilogy will not only give the users a new gaming experience but the users will be delighted to see the new visuals and the crisp pixels.

In addition to new characters, the developers have tried to make it more desirable by adding a new mission for the players called ‘Abaddon Asylum’.

‘Abaddon Asylum’ basically is the second mission in the Return to Hell campaign and includes a roadmap filled with dead bodies, zombies, and a lot of bloody fights. The players have to fight through all obstacles and reach the Alysum where they will find Baron Umbra- the target to be killed. He is the ultimate fish everyone will be trying to catch.

The Season pass holders will also have access to new costumes and new hairstyles. The Season pass for Zombie Army Trilogy is only £29.99 which is so little for something so much.

Microsoft recently confirmed that Kim Swift, the developer behind Left 4 Dead and Portal, will be joining the well-known gaming brand Xbox. This was confirmed in a tweet made by Microsoft. In the tweet, they expressed how they desire innovation and inclusivity which the new developer can provide and thus make Xbox a better place for everyone.

A digital comic book has also been released for people who want an escape from reality and thus can access it through 2000 AD. It will be available for free and can be accessed through the following link:  

The game is available for free and can be accessed through PS 4, Xbox, and PC. You can also get 66% off if you access it through steam which is a video game distribution service by valve the creates left 4 dead. This offer is available till august only and is due to the recent updates been made. So grab the opportunity as soon as possible.

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