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John MacAfee Died In Spanish Prison, How Did The Antivirus Pioneer Die? Everything To Know


McAfee was the founder of one of the best antivirus software in the country. He was the founder of cryptocurrencies, ultimately turning to unsuccessful business for the US and losing hundreds of millions of dollars from his original assets. He was 75, yet had the zeal to take over and gain back the millions he lost. 

McAfee was in Spanish Custody since October and was a prisoner due to failure of tax returns for 4 years. As months passed by, March indicated another case against him which was for laundering money and social McAfee, the pioneer of antivirus software was found dead this Wednesday in Spanish prison cell hours after the court declared his extradition to the US, for tax frauds.

media fraud of $13 million. After such allegations from the court and their decision to extradite McAfee to the US, led to him being dead in the prison cell. Two security personnel tried to revive him, but all failed as he was declared dead. 

McAfee’s attorney Nishay Sanan said ” McAfee lived his life he wanted to and needed no approval, all that matters is living”, he also stated that ” they tried to erase him, but failed”. All these comments were left to a blind eye.

In 1987, McAfee founded the world’s topmost antivirus software company, McAfee corp. The company dominated the market of antivirus and was the single-hand preference for almost every fortune 100 company. McAfee later resigned from his position in 1994 as he no longer found happiness in ruling the corporation, leading McAfee to be bought by Intel corp. 

After all the runaway, he found himself a place in Belize with just $4 million in his pockets that we’re left from the $100 million he earned, due to bad investments in property and real estate. In Belize, his madness over the authorities started with the biggest conflicts wherein he murdered his neighbor, George Faull, a contractor. This led him to flee away from the state and relocate when the search for the same began.

McAfee then sought shelter under asylum in Guatemala in 2012, where he discussed eluding from the police by hiding himself in a box of sand and cardboard and changing his appearance. He was later expelled from the asylum and found another shelter in Miami at the end of 2012.

During his time in 2012, McAfee sought attention through social media. In 2016 he chose to run for a presidential candidate for Libertarian Party, to improve the cybersecurity of the country. 

By 2017, McAfee joined the Bitcoin race as the CEO of MGT capital investment Inc. With a promise to turn the gaming industry into a successful Bitcoin business. He backed off from the business in his later years to join the new firm, Luxcore.

During his entire runaway from 2014 to 2018, McAfee failed to file US tax returns, which led to his imprisonment in the Spanish cell. In 2019 he even opted to get tattooed to show how he was targeted by the US and was given threats that led him to go into “the dark” for the remainder of the time. 

McAfee was no doubt a smart and witty-minded person, but his demons to conquer and do something extraordinary pulled him into the deepest and darkest part of the world. 

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