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The OnePlus Nord 500 Comes With A Better Update Commitment Than Other Oneplus Devices


OnePlus mobile market is one of the dearest markets for many customers around the globe, with its new features and modernized look the phone stole the hearts of many at a single shot. Though, this image of OnePlus is deteriorating with time. The problem lies with the company where the software updates used by the company are of next to no importance. The software department of the mobile brand is following more missteps rather than constructive steps, this has pushed the brand to take steps towards “merge” with Oppo, in near future. 

OnePlus did not have much success when it came to updates, and this has been constantly proved by the “Nord N ” series of the brand. The reason being not everyone is keen on looking forward to the updates of the OnePlus Nord N200 5G. This same issue was faced by the predecessors of the same brand wherein the updates of the OnePlus Nord 10 5G and the OnePlus Nord 100 were going at a much slower pace than promised by the company on the vast front. After several mishaps, the company has finally decided to go with one update in regards to updating the Android of the phone to Android 11 and adding certain features for security. 

In their current talks with 9to5 Google, the brand confirmed that Nord N200 5G will soon get updates regarding the update of the Android with Android 12. Yet, this news is not publicly recognized or announced giving the company a simpler excuse to delay the update to a longer period. The updates are still nascent and the time is prolonged for the updates as well. 

In the latest updates “improvement “, is something that OnePlus is strictly looking forward to. The company has promised three years of updates regarding security, maintenance updates, and some minor fixes in terms of updates for the given Nord series. The updates promised here from the company are a step forward towards improvement. This commitment from the OnePlus company is still in the planning stage as there is no fixed time duration of the updates. These updates can be received by the customers either on a yearly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending upon the requirement of the updates. 

OnePlus is definitely working on improving the steps they took in the previous years. The focus is slowly shifting towards the improvement of the software department of the mobile. The brand is all set to bring good updates for the customers in the long run. Whether this update will be through merging with Oppo or not is still quite questionable for many. But, the results still persist in which OnePlus is strictly looking forward to polishing their software and bringing forward a brand that the fans of OnePlus can enjoy for many years to come. 

The Nord series is one with minimal or near about no updates. The N 10 as well as N 100 series has yet not received the updates promised even after 6 months. Yet, the claims for Nord 500 5G are stronger and they are definitely something to look forward to in the long run.

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