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These Android Apps Have The Joker Walware In It, Uninstall Immediately


First of all, I like to introduce you to the meaning of Malware. Malware is defined as any software that is intentionally designed to do damage to a computer, server, client or network of computer. Malware can be many types like computer viruses, worms, spyware and much more. This type of malware can do many things like encrypting the data, hijack computer functions, delete useful information and also most important things is monitoring user’s computer. If anyone wants to rid of this type of malware activity they have to protect their system from tools and these tools include virus scanners, spyware and many more.

If you have to know all the information about this malware tool and this Malware joker. Malware joker is not very famous but this joker has been finding in different apps which is present in Google Playstore. One more important things are joker malware has spotted for three years in the Google play store. Nowadays this joker malware has been seen in eight different apps and this is suggested by a new report which has given b Quick heal security. As mentioned earlier The Malware is well known for its disability to damage the user’s computer and encrypt data and monitor the device of the user’s and it secretly collects data.

The reports of malware increasing day by day and they can even reportedly subscribe the victim to subscription of premium and can also subscribe services and about this hacking user’s are unknown means they hack the user’s device without their consent. After the report sent by the Quick heal security, eight apps are found on the google play store and these apps are hacked by the malware. Google says they will take quick action and the first thing they will do is to take off this app from the play store. Hence, if you download these from the play store your device is at risk and your privacy could be still also as you this malware hack your device and may monitor your activity, may delete your important files best thing you can do is to uninstall the app and may scan your device. This uninstallation and scanning prevent further damage to your phone.

I like to tell you about the app that needs to urgent uninstall they are Auxillary Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go message, Travel Wallpaper and Super SMS. If any of these apps present on your smartphone, then one thing you should do immediately is to uninstall this app because as you know if you do not install this app your privacy will be stolen and may damage your phone or however, they will delete the user information. I know these days free Cam Scanner is very useful because everything is online, u have to send some useful document to your school and offices but this app is hacked by malware. There many other optional apps are present for your uses. Kindly delete all your app and secure your phone.

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