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Sony Play Station Is Evolving And Wants Cross-Platform Gameplay To Be Enhanced


We all know that currently, all games support cross-play which means high demand in the current scenario. Because all games working on this so Sony has decided to cross-platform multiplayer, or cross-play, in more games, PlayStation chief Jim Ryan told Axios in a recent interview. He is the CEO and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is happening because the time has changed now and everything is changed. Market-leading PlayStation notoriously dragged its feet in allowing multiplayer games to connect PlayStation fans with players on other devices. And now they are supportive and encourage. Sometimes we have no option time is powerful and we take action according to this.

Just like sony has decided to charges for cross-play, and takes royalties from partners and others participating. Just because demand is high now so they take the decision to pay for cross-platform. Sony’s justification for this agreement is that it prevents the situation where a majority of a game’s player base is on its platform, while a disproportionate amount of revenue is earned on another platform. Sony is using this agreement to ensure that it receives a fair portion of revenue for essentially lending its user base to its competitors. This document was first created in 2019, so it’s possible that Sony’s stance on cross-play has changed in the years since. Although based on comments made by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney that seems fairly unlikely, it was also confirmed that Sony is the only platform holder to have this sort of compensation system in place. We have seen so many times that technology changes after some time.

This is a welcome acknowledgment from Ryan, especially following the controversy from 2018 related to Fortnite. After Fortnite was released on Switch, it was quickly discovered that players could not carry over their existing Epic Games account if even one game on PS4 was played. This also meant that PlayStation players could not play with other platforms, all while others could easily play together. After months of backlash, Sony finally allowed PS4 Fortnite players to play online with other platforms, and it showed a big shift in how Sony viewed the whole cross-play situation.

Now Sony’s stance may have changed, and we’re still seeking clarity on that. But the PS5 is a console you go are more likely to choose because of its current and future exclusive games, like Horizon Forbidden West, not cross-play. So far, it looks like the Xbox Series X and overall Xbox ecosystem is friendlier towards cross-play. Sony had famously blocked cross-platform play, which allows people to play the same video game together on different platforms, in the past for titles including Minecraft and Rocket League. Both those titles feature Xbox and Nintendo Switch cross-play capabilities. So basically they are changing so they can provide all the things to the users. Back to Sony and its reluctance to easily embrace cross-play, such a stance could be detrimental to future PS5 games, as some developers might not want to enter into the revenue-sharing agreement Sony seems to impose.

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