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Madrid’s “Veranos de la Villa” Summer Concerts For 2021 Announced – Read to Know


Veranos de la Villa is one concert which has always been carried out by the city of Madrid but unfortunately, it couldn’t hold this concert the previous year due to the increased spike of the covid-19 cases all over the world. I know it was quite disheartening for all the fans out there but not to worry as this year the city of Madrid recovers the essence of its Veranos de la Villa which is organized by the Department of Culture, Tourism, and Sports of the Madrid City Council. For the people who don’t know much about this concert let me tell you that this is a festival designed to be the best national and international cultural offer, in which artists and creators will meet and greet each other and have an open platform to share their most recent works with the public.

This year this festival will be held from the 6th of July till the 29th of August. Not only that but this year it is the 37th edition of the mind-blowing and epic festival. According to reports, there will be more than 50 activities starting from music, performing arts to the circus, cinema, fashion, comics, gastronomy, and many more. These various activities listed are just some of the cultural proposals, which connect cultural heritage and traditions, from the Golden Age to the new electronic sounds. A face-to-face, multisensory and live dialogue between generations, migrations, and styles. Which is the primary goal of this festival to keep reminding ourselves of our old cultures and traditions and creating a link between the old and new generation. It is a diverse, and accessible, and joint program that is designed for all Madrilenians and visitors.

This year’s Veranos de la Villa is definitely gonna keep its viewers stunned after all the performances are jaw-droppingly good. On July 18, María Toledo will present her show Ranchera Flamenca, which will have a combination of Flamenco styles with Mexican rancheras. She will be accompanied by Andy and Lucas and dancer Manuel Fernández Montoya, better known in the world of dance art as “El Carpeta.”. On July 25 there will be a great tribute to famed Peruvian traditional singer-songwriter and composer Chabuca Granda, author of popular songs across the Spanish-speaking world like “La flor de la Canela”, “El Puente de Los suspiros” and “Fina estampa”. Flamenco star Pitingo will lead the tribute, accompanied by Peruvian musician Lucho González, arranger and guitarist for Chabuca Granda and Mercedes Sosa. That’s not it in August, three celebrated pioneers of Flamenco Jazz, Carles Benavent, Tino di Geraldo and Jorge Pardo will meet on Saturday, August 7 to perform highlights from their careers and remember the music of musical masters Chick Corea and Paco de Lucía.

There are a lot more performances and if I start listing them all it may end up spoiling your inquisitiveness so with the above minor list we can see that it is going to be one hell of a list of performances and definitely a lot of good news for all the Madrilenians after all they had missed out of their greatest of concerts last year. So with the concert will come in a lot of smiles and happiness which will definitely lighten up the mood so don’t forget to tune in and have a look at the greatest performances.

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