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Hubble Space Telescope Down For Past Few Days, Nasa Shares Updates


For more than 30 years, The Hubble Space telescope is exchanging data directly between internet service providers in the universe, but this Hubble Space telescope has been down for the past few days. This statement was said by the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Friday. One more statement also said by the United Space Agency Was “The problem is a Payload Computer which has stopped working last Sunday.” According to the United State space agency, The bubble Telescope is in good health. The main aim of using Payload Computer is to control the science devices and look at them for safety purposes. The statement regarding and means of payload computer is told by NASA. An attempt was also made on Monday, but the restart process fails.

NASA proposed some of the statements and evidence. With this evidence and statement, they only want to point to a degraded computer memory module and this is the main source of computer problem. When they want to backup memory, but the attempt for backup also got failed. The technology and data stored in the payload Computer back to the year 1980s. These data were replaced during the year 2009, in that year maintenance work was happening.

The Hubble Space was revealed in the year 1990. It came with a revolution all around in the world of Astronomy and This Hubble Space telescope changed our vision of the Universe and also our perspective. The Work of the Hubble Space telescope is to send back the images of The solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy and all the distant objects or galaxies of the universe. Now this year one more powerful space is coming that is Webb Space Telescope. If we talk about the launching of this telescope maybe this is going to launch late this year. The design of this telescope is really very awesome and the work of this telescope is to see deeper into the Cosmos. No telescope like this Webb Space Telescope worked in peer deeper into the Cosmos.

The Hubble Space telescope is also known as the HST. It is a space telescope that was revealed in the year 1990s, into low Earth orbit and it remains in operation. The Hubble Space telescope was one of the largest and renowned telescopes. It is a versatile telescope and it can work as both a tool and an important tool for research in the field of astronomy. The name of this telescope was named under the name of astronaut Edwin Hubble to give regards to the scientist. Edwin Hubble was one great observatory of NASA.  He also gives his contribution having in the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory in the year between 1991 to 2000 and the Chandra  X-ray telescope and the Spitzer space telescope in the year  2003 to 2020. The cost of the Hubble space telescope during the launch is $4.7 billion.

Now from the statement of NASA, we came to the conclusion that the Hubble space telescope is in good health difficulty was found in the payload computer.

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