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Uber And Lyft Workers To Provide Stable Pays For Long Time To Their Drivers Rather Than Inconsistent Income For A Short Time


Covid-19 which affected so many people they lost their job they losses their life so many things that we have seen in this era. Similarly, If we talk about Uber and Lyft workers who faced so many problems in this pandemic they loosed their job in fact they were ready to work for less wages. Most of the people who share their experience that how they are treated with these companies. they share their experience like “We are less desperate,’ one worker said, but the companies need desperate people to work for them”.  If we talk about Gig workers: Gig workers are independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers, and temporary workers. Gig workers enter into formal agreements with on-demand companies to provide services to the company’s clients. Gig workers are now simply asking for a fair and equal system that does not separate worker needs from human needs.

This time is very hard for those workers who have no permanent job because in the pandemic many people have nothing to do. No sources to earn money so this is the biggest problem for today’s world this shows us unemployment. People want to work but the thing is when they don’t have proper incentives or bonuses then they don’t like to work with these companies. Uber and Lyft, these types of companies put lots of effort so that employees ready for the work but they don’t agree with the bonus or other things. “Uber is just one part of a larger private-hire industry, so we hope that all other operators will join us in improving the quality of work for these important workers who are an essential part of our everyday lives.” The drivers who filed the case welcomed the news but said it’s not enough. So basically workers want something more than this which is beneficial for them.

Some of the conditions which have fixed by the supreme court that are not beneficial for the employees so basically they are not agreeing with these types of terms and condition.  James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam of the App Drivers And Couriers Union said in a statement. They said the changes stopped short of the Supreme Court’s ruling that pay should be calculated from when drivers log on to the app until they log off. And they said the company can’t decide by itself the expense base for calculating the minimum wage, which should be based on a collective agreement. Some drivers acknowledge the bonuses as yet another example of the problem with gig work: short-term honeypots rather than long-term pay raises. They are not satisfied with their wages that’s why they don’t agree for the work because people want to assure with all the things like it is something job, people or anything that’s why these workers are showing us they are fed up with the instability of cyclical layoffs and hires.

It is a voice of common people who are fighting for their rights like if they work hard then they deserve better.

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