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Electronic Tattoos Give You The Ability To Control Your Devices Directly From Your Skin


Nowadays we are controlling everything from our smartphone like music, our electronic appliances, our TV everything means we are controlling from our Smartphone. Like if you forgot to switch off your Ac, then you do not have to go to that room just simply take out your phone and go to setting mode and off your Ac. Just like we are controlling our gadgets and even light and fan from our smartphone. Just think for a minute, what if you control your electronic Tattoo. Yes, this electronic Tattoo gets embedded in your smartphone and took direct control of your skin. For knowing this read the full article and after that, you can answer every question regarding this.

An invention had done by the Computer Scientists from Saarland University. In his invention, Google had developed a thin-film electronic tattoo and this tattoo is so similar to a child’s tattoo. Like if you see a child’s tattoo they are so thin film-like and that tattoo is just like a  sticker and this sticker gets attached to any parts except at bony parts or bony structure sometimes they are not able to attach. Similarly, electronic tattoos are just like a child’s tattoos.

These electronic tattoos can put direct controls on your skin and these tattoos put smartphone controls on your skin. These tattoos are likely to thin black film and they can light up and also display notifications. The Amazing fact is that they can trigger signals when they are bent or squeezed means like if you bent your finger then it will trigger signals. The tattoos are wired up to a microcontroller. The few devices used in this microcontroller are Arduino Nano, Adafruit MPR 121, and copper Tape. It is very simple to wear these tattoos. They can be applied in minutes, just take this film and put in your fingers and apply few amounts of water and rub off after two days.

These tattoos are ultra-thin and it is not permanent, u can easily remove this after two days and that can turn skin blemishes and wrinkles into touch-sensitive buttons for controlling your smartphone. Like when the notification comes in your phone, then your phone starts blinking simply like that when these tattoos are placed on the skin your skin starts blinking, and just like touch-sensitive buttons used to control your smartphone, simple like that when you squeeze your hands or fingers this movement control your smartphone.

They used conductive ink for printing wires and electrodes on temporary paper. The Tattoos are also known as SkinMarks and they are serious than the width of human hair. The researcher also told about some commands on how to control smartphones by tattoos. He said,” You could adjust your smartphone volume by sliding one finger across a tattoo placed along the side of another finger. If you blend the tattooed finger and the volume slider could become a play and pause button.” Juergen Steimlof said ” They make use of Elastic properties of skin for controlling smartphone. He also added one statement” by having the responsiveness of the tattoo to change in the skin surface, they incorporate multiple compounds.

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