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Truecaller Launches New Smart SMS Feature In Africa, Works Similarly To Caller Id Tracking


Truecaller is a smartphone application that has features of caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging, call-recording, Chat & Voice by using the internet. It requires users to provide a standard cellular mobile number for registering with the service. The app is available for Android and iOS. Truecaller is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a privately held company with a head office in Stockholm, Sweden founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009 but according to numbers it has most of its employees who are in India.
The invention of Truecaller has impacted our lives in various ways as it helps us know who is the caller from an unknown number and it has impacted our lives in many ways. For instance, maybe someone who called you using an unknown number and you receive the call and then the person starts asking your personal bank details and all. But you don’t recognize this person from your bank so you can place the number in Truecaller and know the actual identity of the person and prevent theft and hacks.

So now the world’s most trusted and accurate Caller ID and telephone search engine, has decided to roll out a new feature to make the user experience even more great and convenient to use. This new feature which is introduced by the Truecaller app is the Smart SMS in Africa. This new feature is fully based on user feedback and is designed to ‘cater to the evolving needs of our consumers. So in short Truecaller with its new features is making it more user-oriented so that the consumer usage of the Truecaller app expands.

So how exactly does this new feature work? This Smart SMS is powered by machine learning models which will adapt and evolve according to the feedback you, as the users, will give it. It will also differentiate between users who will have important messages from banks, billers, travel companies, delivery companies, etc for you. Truecaller will be using the same algorithms as it uses to identify spam callers for the new feature of text messages, too. There will be a Smart Inbox that will identify and differentiate the unknown SMS sender numbers and SMS sender IDs from the ones which are important to you. These unknown numbers will later be identified and resolved to the business names with logos according to that.

Commenting on the new feature addition, Zakaria Abdulkadir Hersi, Director of Business Development & Partnerships Africa at Truecaller said: “Roughly 80% of SMSes one receives daily are from businesses, disengaging users from important/useful messages. To combat that, SMS apps need to become smarter by filtering out spam and categorizing useful information. At Truecaller, we constantly strive to offer the best user experience by adding unique features that fit in with our core mission: to make communication safer and more efficient for everyone. Truecaller has evolved into a powerful communication hub and for the people who wish to use the app to its fullest, we want to streamline the experience as much as possible for an efficient calling and messaging experience for our end-user”.

This invention has been life-changing as it can change the number of texts, and voice phishing techniques used by various hackers and it will also keep the users happy and feel safe and secure because with the increased usage of technology there is an increased amount of risk of hacking and theft and online fraud so the initiative taken by the Truecaller company is very much needed and in the near future all the companies should adapt to this type of features to reduce the number of risks and provide a safe place for the users to use.

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