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Snapchat Filter Removed After Controversy Arised – Read To Know


Snapchat is finally ditching one of its most controversial filters. Yes, you are reading the right sentence. This is happening Snapchat is ditching something. of course, you all are excited to know this, which filter is removed, what is the purpose of removing filtres, what is the profit, and what is the loss after removing these filters? You will get the answer to this question after reading this article. Many of you may be not using this Snapchat app, but all of you are aware of this app and basically, you know what this Snapchat is doing, So if you do not know anything about Snapchat and which filter is removed and why you will get the answer to every question after reading this.

Snapchat is ditching a very popular filter that is the Speed filter. This speed filter is the most controversial filter which is used by a maximum number of people. This Speed filter has an allegation for promoting adventurous driving. Due to this filter, many users start adventurous driving for gaining popularity and they are also sharing this adventure with their friends and also upload this type of dangerous driving is a social media platform. This filter is becoming a risk for everyone one who is using this filter and one who is getting attracted by this filter.

Generally, Snap chat is adding many filters on their app liking color filter, animal, speed filter, and many more, but Speed filter is a very dangerous filter. Speed filter is working on the following criteria like this Speed filter shows the current speed of the user onto the image. This speed filter may be used as both speeds like if you want to drive fast then this filter capture your speed and start showing onto the image and if you are driving slow this filters capture your speed and start show showing onto the image. Speed filter is a tool like a speedometer that allows users of Defendant to capture and share speeds with their friends.

Many complaints have done by the Safety agency. They are reporting that this filter is encouraging users to drive fast and share their to driving with their friends and they also reported that this is becoming trendy everywhere people use these filters and try to become cool and show their friends this risky driving. So after this long complaint and discussion Company finally confirmed to NPR that they are going to ditching this filter from their app and Company also said that nowadays this app is barely used by our users and the company started to remove t filter down this week.

Many accident reports are reported by these users like in Atlanta 18 years old was died because of reckless driving and while driving she is using this high speed, also in Wisconsin three men have died the same thing these men were doing reckless driving and making, many cases are reported these days also. Snapchat is a fast and very interesting way to share your moment, but some people using it in the wrong manner. Use these things for Fun not for becoming because these small things take your life.

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