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Google Meet Update Improves Feature Of Raising A Hand To Clarify That You Want To Speak


Google Meet is a  video communication service- developed by Google.  They recently updated their feature of raising a hand, like when you want to raise your hand and “Hand Raise” then sometimes it was not clear to recognize the user but now the updated feature will highlight you. It’s like a recognizer can find out you very easily. These types of updates enhance their performance and also comprehensible for the users and recognizers.

A dot animates on the bottom-left corner with an actual waving hand that then expands into a pill to show the person’s full name. Once updated, the app will provide audio notifications when the first hand is raised in a meeting, automatically lower the hand once the person has spoken It’s a default setting, and move the tiles of the people with raised hands to a more visible position in the video grid. Additionally, there will also be an improved visual icon and animation when users raise their hands along with a clickable notification that shows the number of hands raised and queues them in the order of them being raised. The update for Google Meet, announced on the Google Workspace blog, brings an improved hand-raising feature. It’s easy to handle a large no of people who really want to speak at a time, so the admin can easily maintain that which one will be first. This feature will help a lot.

Google Meet's updated Hand Raise makes it easier for admins to spot you

The updates to Hand Raise showing up in a meeting depend on who organized the Google Meet call – Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Nonprofits, as well as G Suite Business customers will get the updates to the Hand Raise feature. These are the enhancements that Google is conducting to the Raise Hand feature on Google Meet. Google said that it would gradually roll out the updates and users will most likely get it till June 30. And they are working for new updates also like this month, Google had rolled out the ability to switch to virtual backgrounds from live backgrounds. Users can blur the background or select from Google’s hand-picked images. Backgrounds such as office spaces, landscapes, and abstract wallpapers will be available for use. The feature will be rolled out to iOS users as well, it is currently being in a phased manner for Android and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. These types of updates you can see after some time.  So these are the qualities that increase the productivity of any app and in fact, they are regularly working to make clear the things for the user.

There are several options like you can join google meetings through your google you don’t need to download the app. You can directly access meetings over google classroom this is also a good quality that given by google. They provide us so many features where you can access directly all the things via your google account, you just need to have a google account.

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