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Call of Duty: Warzone – Raven Removes The Infamous Big Bertha Which Made Players Invisible


Dear gamers this article is made for you and even the ones who are interested in video games. We have all heard of Call of Duty more popularly known as COD. So please brace yourselves for the impact as Season Four of Call of Duty’s free-to-play Battle Royale experience arrives with a bang, as satellites carrying top-secret intel crash all over Warzone which got released yesterday on 17th of June 2021. This latest season brings in free weapons for all the players namely the FENNEC which is a sub-compact machine gun with a blazing fast fire rate and impossibly low recoil and the CR-56 AMAX which is a highly accurate Assault Rifle with surprising magazine capacity and firepower. Not only that but it has new incoming intel of more operators, more load in and load out, and even vehicle skins. This is a lot of good news for all you gamers out there because so many updates just make the game even more fun and interesting to play.

But with the new update and new vehicles, there was also a return of an old exploit in the game which was very disheartening for the gamers. Season 4 added a new armored cargo truck to the game but with itself came in a controversial addition due to how strong the vehicle is, particularly in a solo battle royale. But it got a lot worse when it soon emerged the truck could be used to turn invisible. So there was huge havoc in the gaming industry as tracking invisible players was a huge problem for the other gamers. So as a result the developer Raven had to eradicate the invisibility feature which will offer fair play. As Raven tweeted ‘We have pushed an update in #Warzone to remove the Armored Cargo Truck due to an ongoing issue with players becoming invisible. The Trello has been updated. There’s still plenty of loot to find at the Satellites. It’s a fight to the death for the HARP and a free Loadout.

This did reduce some of the havoc within the industry and the players were quite happy with the fact that Raven had quickly removed that invisibility glitch so that the players can have a fair fight in the solo battleground. However, there were some players who hoped that the truck would never return. As the Big Bertha was already strong enough in the Call of Duty, as it has a lot of HP, a turret and the ability to upgrade itself with abilities such as UAV, Trophy System, heavy armor and even consists of a repair function, so in short its an incredibly powerful vehicle on the battlefield.

The Big Bertha is quite a fortune for the player who gets it as it is such a vehicle that can combat anything and everything it is faced with. So everyone feels that that one truck is enough otherwise with more armored trucks as such will make the game more of a car fight rather than a solo battleground game. Even the Youtuber Westie tweeted that ‘Leave this in LTMs like Armored Royale, this is almost like Fortnite when Mechs were added. There was clearly good intent but the reality is they just get abused and make the game less fun for everyone unfortunate enough to be steamrolled by them’.

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