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Ring The Wedding Bells As Tanya Charry And Sebastián Jiménez Get Married In Miami


Tanya Charry is a journalist, presenter of television and entertainment news researcher. She is the co-presenter and the main reporter of the Latin entertainment show “El Gordo y la flaca” and is also recognized nationally in the United States. Tanya Charry recently said yes I do and got married to Sebastián Jiménez in Miami. Sebastián Jiménez is a popular and renowned television and film producer and is more popularly known as he is an Emmy winner. Their love story is just like it is portrayed in films and novels and series. Like the way, Sebastián proposed to Tanya it made all the fans and everyone instantly fall in love with them as a couple. So wedding bells have at last rung for the couple in Miami which was carried out in a religious manner with just 150 guests. 

Tanya Charry and Sebastián Jiménez, this adorable couple had first met two years ago, after Sebas took the first step and with all courage had written a private message on Instagram to Tanya telling her that he wanted to meet her. But unfortunately, Tanya, being a very popular celebrity, had faced with an infinity number of messages from her followers, so as a result she ignored Sebastián’s text. But as they were destined to meet so they did through a common friend of theirs who introduced both of them to each other. She even said that ‘The truth is that Sebastian once wrote to me for Instagram, but I thought I was a follower, like several who write to me, and in the middle of my work I try to answer everyone. However, sometimes I can’t answer all the messages. On any given afternoon Armando, the husband of the Mexican singer Gloria Trevi, calls me and tells me that he has a friend to introduce me and that was Sebastián.’


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That is when it all started to begin. They met on a blind date which was set up by their mutual friend at Caviar Russe, a famous restaurant in Miami, to meet. Upon meeting, the couple enjoyed a romantic blind date at an idyllic Miami restaurant, and since then they have maintained a solid relationship. So basically it was one dinner that changed their whole life as after that one dinner they never separated from each other. I am sure this is the type of love story every girl and boy dreams of. After all, it is so adorable.

After several months, Sebastián invites Tanya to Los Angeles and there he introduces her to Zoe, his daughter. He had been windowed in 2018 so his daughter had lost her mother at a very small age. So after their meeting, the pandemic began worldwide and they all enjoyed the months of togetherness and it was a good thing for Zoe as after a pretty long time she is enjoying some family time. During that confinement Tanya and Sebas had celebrated their first anniversary together and it was then at that very moment that our Univisión producer asked the Colombian communicator to marry him, and the proposal was one hell of a proposal as Sebastián, got in touch with Mariela Cardona, the vice president, and producer of the show ‘The fat and the skinny’, as he wanted to propose to her life during the show, so basically the whole United States saw their relationship to bloom into a brand new level as she said yes to the proposal. So their fairy tale is going to the next level as they are getting ready to get married on August 7th.

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