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Everything About Windows 11 And 24th June Microsoft Event


Hey, there is some amazing news about the up-gradation of windows. This is one of the best pieces of news of windows lover and windows users. To know what is new and how interesting is this article then you have to read all to get about all recent advancement and features of this new coming windows. Few days back there is some degradation for the iOS users and recent advancements had done in iOs 15. Then, how we can think after knowing all these new advancements in iOs 15,  Windows will not do anything for their users. Here some details about Window  11.

Almost most of the Windows users are using Window 10, but this the time they have to upgrade their windows. Because Windows 11 is coming,  Windows 11 is completely different from Window 10. This statement is confirmed by none other than Satya Nadella. According to him this one of the biggest news for Windows users. An event is going to take place at Microsoft. This Microsoft event is completely based on the next generation of Windows. In this event, they will completely discuss about that the new up-gradation of windows. This event is going to held on June 24. After this more news about this, Windows will come.

However, till now they did not tell about a single piece of information about Window 11. How this new Windows version is going to be, what is the function of the new version, How this version looks like? Nothing means nothing has cleared. But there is some evidence which proves that the new Windows version is coming. Maybe this new Windows 11 will replace Windows 10. Every windows user are Windows 10 from many times and no one could ever think windows 10 are going to over very soon. Windows 11 will give a new platform form and will provide more features than any other windows.

Microsoft promised that the new generation Window 11 is completely different from all previous windows and it will also delete the old concept of using icons. However, if we talk about the service of Windows 11 as we know the day by day technology is becoming very advanced and every day some new apps are coming so it is quite difficult for previous windows to provide the same features for all new technology so this new Window 11 is very important for next-generation software device. But till now there is no official news from Microsoft that after launching this window 11, then Windows10 will going to be over, however, there are some aspects to make conclusions that Windows 11 is coming. This Event is very important for all users and for those who are interested in Windows11.

If we focus on the words Satya Nadella, he said that this windows update is one of the best or biggest update in the field of the Windows industry. Many developers and creators of Microsoft are focusing to find, more productive and best features of this Windows version. Many rumours are also suggesting that this update will become the updated version of the code of Sun Valley.

Every doubt will be clear about The Microsoft event, which is going to take place on 24 June.

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