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When Is The Upcoming PlayStation Event Happening? Details Leaked Online.


Sad news nothing is going to happen this year. This year E3 has no PlayStation conference, also no state of play, or other streaming events for the Japanese gaming events. Seriously, this is sad news. However, if we focus on rumours is anything is going to happen, PlayStation is going to organize its event and they will announce very soon. Sony is slightly preparing for its own PlayStation Summer Showcase. Probably Sony may announce this in the upcoming weeks. This information was leaked from the inside. Now I would tell you this information had come from reliable industry insider Navtra. Navtra had shared the necessary details on ReserEra forums recently. The insider told “Assuming nothing changed: just wait a couple more weeks. “The insider told this in PlayStation thread discussing a possible presentation of Sony. From this statement, we can conclude that what exactly he wants to say and when this going to happen.

He did not mention any specific date. Only he rumoured for the PlayStation summer event. He also mentions that there will be some exciting things, He said that Fans would see a new ” Final Fantasy XVI” gameplay at the event. Maybe a new Playstation has an event this summer that makes sense. Hence the Japanese gaming giant has a lot of amazing and exclusive PlayStation which is titled on the pipeline. They consist of “Horizon Forbidden West “, God of War”: Ragnarok”,  “Forspoken”, and last not least “Grand Turismo 7″. There was the announcement of ” Death Stranding: Director ‘s Cut”.

This announcement had done a few days ago but they did not mention the details about it, their planning, their designing nothing. But they promised one thing they will come with details explanation and information within few weeks. If we go on another rumour event is another ResetEra user, they claimed that sony is going to plan their Summer showcase. According to the ResetEra user, this event would feature a brand new trailer. The name of the trailer is “God Of War”. This  Claims this is believed that this information has been based on the criteria of old information. They think Sony may have changed their plans now. A few weeks ago, the Resetera Users’ statement told:” Sony is hundred per cent having some kind of event or presentation in the summer”. They also said that” I know for a fact they are working on the GOW trailer for it, maybe likely June 1.

Other video games publishers and developers have participated and showcase this year and they all participate in events also at this year E3. But if we talk about Sony Company they are not going to participate in this year. The Sony company is absent in this year E3. A few years back The Sony Company also used to participate in the E3. Hence this Company rejected the conference and we know they are planning to do something and it also holds its presentation at a further date.

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