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The Meg 2 Is Coming, But Director Ben Wheatley Didn’t Reveal If The Movie Is Going To Be R-Rated


We have already seen The Meg which was directed by Jon Turteltaub and based on A Novel Of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. Which had the mix reviews by the audience and after that the work was started for The Meg 2, but now the director was Ben Wheatley. Recently When an Interview has happened we asked that This movie should be R-rated or not then Wheatley answer very pacified manner that I don’t have any idea about it and I don’t want to say anything about it. Ben Wheatley said I can say that this is the next part of the previous The Mig. They didn’t share too much knowledge about it but some of the like he shares this time maybe Statham fight with more than one gigantic shark, in a humorous way.

He also shared that we can’t disclose anything right now like what is happening inside or outside but guaranteed that you will see something enormous. And maybe the reason behind R-rated is when any film that restricted the movie doesn’t approachable like before and also the reason can be money. And if you give the chance to adults then you can see the no of people like rating is gone on high so Hollywood want to be as normal of following the general rule because no one wants that their movie went on low rating. We are excited about The Mig 2 because we want to know that Ben will bring something new for us.

The Meg plays out as a recovery story for Statham’s Jonas, who regains the trust of his colleagues and generates a strong bond with Li’s Suyin and her daughter Meiying (Sophia Cai). After beating the megalodon, Taylor clearly shows concern in Suyin but also seems to know that he might not be ready for a relationship. Much of the film involves Jonas actively putting his life in danger to save others, and he even plans to sacrifice himself near the end. Statham is set to reprise his role in The Meg 2, and will reportedly be involved in the overall creative process. The supporting cast hasn’t officially been announced, but much of the “key talent” is expected to return. In that case, The Meg 2 will presumably feature the aforementioned Li, along with Ruby Rose and Page Kennedy, among others.

If we talk about Wheatley’s new film “In The Earth” which will be released after some time i.e horror movies and based on pandemics. He also explains that how we fight with this situation that was horrible for us and how people live with themselves in this horrible situation. At that time people usually want to divert their mind but how you can when you follow lockdown then people want peace to want to be a placid person. They go for meditation so in this film, you can see these things that you suffered and go through from this situation.  It will be interesting because most people can relate to these things.

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