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Songs Of Conquest Gets A Release Date And New Gameplay Trailer Launched

Lavapotion and Coffee Stain published during the PC gaming show that you will know from Valheim. They announced a release window for strategy RPG that is songs of Conquest. The name of the window is Q1 2022. The release date and any other information are not going to come soon.  Songs of Conquest travel you in the world of the Old school Heroes of might and magic. But better, this is nothing but strategy adventure having elements of RPG and management of kingdom.  You will build your everything like your armies, battle opposing fractions and conquer new lands. There are four fractions that you will use to struggle to surmount with Arleon, Barya, Rana, Loth. Everyone in this content has an amazing unique character, their style is also different and troops also. As you move forward or can explore or visit the various area you may have the personal wonderful storyteller experience and you enjoy having a song of how amazing you are. You will be lost in awesome sounding quality. But do not miss seeing the amazing pixel art style. The pixel art style is gorgeous and you will get amazed to see and feel surprised is this real or reel.

The partial and momentary view of the game has shown in the Songs of conquest trailer, it shows the old and classic Heroes of Might and Magic world the action of exploring or invitation, compete with the neutral enemy and opponent fraction. When we start the fight, then you will be able to move your team on a hexagonal grid. After moving and reaching on a hexagonal grid you will take advantage of their strengths.  Your hero will be named Wielders. Wielders become powerful which is based on the number of troops under their commands. This means you have to command many troops to make your wielders powerful. These welders can release powerful magic to destroy or ruin an enemy and help you to win in battle. In the trailer, wielders can be used many types of equipment like armor, weapons, and trinkets. With the help of this equipment, Wielders can improve their quality and it can also level up and gain new and advanced skills.

The trailer of this gameplay did not leak much information about the base building of the Songs of Conquest. However as we know it completely depends on our base building style, the way we build our base and it will also impact our playstyle. So the conclusion is that you have to make your base so strong and have to be focused on brute force and magic. It is necessary to manage resources also and have to develop research advancement and most important you have to expand your kingdom also.

Songs of Conquest will also have an in-game level editor. Hence, once you finished the rich story that time you can also create your legend. Songs of Conquest will release for PC on Steam, GOG, and Epi Games Store.

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