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Meet Swell, An Audio Based Social Media App Launched In India, Check Details


Swell App is very lightweight. The size of the Swell App is about 17MB. We can update any audio post on this Swell App. Besides this, you can follow users and we can also add a comment and do like in this app. This App gives facilities like can do comment, like. This audio-based social media had launched this month in June 2021. The launching date had scheduled for ten June. This is an App-based social media platform. This Swell can be downloaded on both Google App Store and Apple play store.  This App is very lightweight than any other App its weight is around seventeen MB.

Any audio can be posted on this platform. In this audio-based platform, there is no restriction of language like we see in any other App. Both private and public can talk can be done on this Swell App. Private chats are completely safe and confidential, no one can access these chats. Every day we heard news like some private chats are leaked and someone can easily hack their social media account and upload their charts. But on this social media platform, it is quite difficult to access these charts. In this platform, Chats are fully secured and safe.

We can easily compare this Swell App with the Clubhouse app. The clubhouse is also an audio-based social media platform. There is some advantage that, can anyone use the Swell app over the clubhouse. Clubhouse App is a real-time audio-based social media platform in which you have to manage your time. However, we see  Swell App we do not have to manage our time we can use this App any time and we can do comment on this App also. So in the Swell app, we do not have to manage our time, we can easily use this App. In the Clubhouse App Comment, the facility is available.

During Launching Swell App Arish Ali said that it is very easy to use the app. According to Arish social media platform post is trying to divide people, but in this Swell App when people talk with each other they will understand their emotions and their way of thinking. Till now when a post on social media platform they do not know what people try to say by their post and what is their way of emotions. But when talk in this audio-based App they will connect with people emotionally. With the help of this app, May people get to unite and no emotion hurting post will post. Arish  Ali is co-founder of Swell App. He also told that this Swell App completely follows the guidelines of the new social media guideline of the Indian government.

If you want to use then go to your Apple Playstore and Android Users can go to their Google play store and type Swell. After downloading you can access your App but before using this you have to use anyone one of your Id maybe from Facebook, Gmail, or your Apple ID. After that, you can choose your favorite category and select your information.

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