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Apple To Release New iPad Mini Pro With Thinner Bezels And A Smaller Apple Pencil


So it seems that we are going to get an iPad and an apple pencil that makes sense after all because yes, we have some new information and leaks for a new iPad mini that looks pretty much like what we exactly want. New leaks tell us when we can expect Samsung’s upcoming foldable this fall and if you are waiting for iPhone 13 this new information shows that we have not to wait much longer.

More than two years ago, Apple updated about iPad mini in the month of march year was 2019. However, there was an uneven longer gap between announcement and release.  The fifth generation of the 2019 model was the first Apple’s smallest tablet.  This was reported in the year 2015 more than six years ago. The Apple iPad mini has a separate fan base always because of its small size and eases to carry anywhere. However, in the year 2019  Apple announced there were going to launch Mini iPad.  It became the best-valued iPad currently on the market. It is quite cheaper than the large-size iPad. This is also a reason that becomes the best-valued iPad. Apple Fans are always excited about the new features. They all always excited to know when the company will release the next iPad mini and, what is the design of the new iPad, what is the new feature and what technology they are going to use in this version.

Everyone is thinking that an Apple iPad is going to launch but officially there is no such news regarding this and this was also not announced in the worldwide digital conference, i.e., is WWDC  This conference was held on the date twenty in April that is 20, April. The Apple company gave an official announcement about a new fifth-generation iPad Pro at the April event. However, no new iPad mini announced in April. It maybe appears in the second of the year.  Based on that development schedule, Naver gave a statement that may be in the half of a year iPad mini-pro model will be going to release in the second half of a year.

This is not such a big surprise that again, there will be another gap time between mini generation. There has been always a reassuring regular release schedule of the iPhone. They do not assure when the iPad going to release. It is going to be very hard to predict. Here is a list of iPad mini

iPad mini released in October 2012 and iPad mini 2 released in October 2013, iPad mini 3 released in October  2014, iPad mini 4 released in September 2015.

iPad mini loved by all Apple fans because this is very easy to carry and easy to use. This is also beneficial for a student they can write their school notes, make an assignment. This looks like a smaller version of the iPad Air. Hope coming will announce the release date of this iPad mini pro. Apple gives surprises to their fans first about their Mail Privacy Policy, Apple podcast subscription etc.

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