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Jake Paul Shares Video Revealing The Reason Why Logan Paul Cried Before Fightig Floyd Mayweather


Logan Alexander Paul, now that’s a name I feel that everyone is familiar with after all he, is an American YouTuber, a famous internet personality, an actor, and also a professional boxer. Other than his YouTube channel he has also been a part of the Impulsive podcast. As an actor, Paul’s television and film work include guest appearances on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Bizaardvark, and roles in films The Thinning and The Thinning: New World Order.

Recently, this may come as news to you, my dear readers but there was supposed to be a boxing match between Logan Paul and the former boxing champion Mayweather, as it was Logan’s exhibition match many people had anticipated that the YouTuber would lose badly after all he is up against a boxing champion. It also came to our ears that before Logan had stepped into the ring he was all teary but the reason for that was unknown till now.

Jake Joseph Paul, brother of Logan Paul who is also an American YouTuber, a famous internet personality, actor, rapper, and also a professional boxer. He initially rose to fame on Vine after which he made his entry in Disney Channel in the series Bizaardvark for two seasons. He later revealed by sharing a video on Twitter how he helped his brother mentally to prepare for the fight. Part of this preparation was a talk that brought tears to his brother’s eyes and made him emotional and sentimental before stepping into the ring.

With all the tension around Logan, all he did was sit straight and listen closely and carefully to what his brother Jake had to say. In his speech Jake told him that ‘Your mind is a powerful tool, let your brain wake up every cell in your body. I want you to see yourself winning right now and feel it in every cell of your body.’ He went on by saying that ‘Replay the win again. You’re moments away from that happening. Reality hasn’t caught up yet. When you walk into that ring in just a few moments, your energy will be the strongest in the stadium. Your energy will rise above. No nerves, no other focus just a simple task you live your whole life to perform. This is your day […] You did everything right, you already won.’ This speech definitely had left not only Logan but all their fans emotional too. 

Although at the end of the match there was no definite winner most people said that Mayweather would have won on points if it was a competitive match but nonetheless the speech definitely did motivate Logan as he did give it his all in the match and with the addition of all cheering from the audience it added on to his motivation and he fought till the end. And with the uploading of the video of Jake’s speech, the two brothers received an outpour of support from other YouTubers and fans. One person commented ‘You’ll say this is stupid but honestly it’s inspiring because if you were fighting you would want all the encouragement and good energy and mindset to know that your gonna win!’ To which another person added that ‘People say this is cringe. But at that moment it probably grounded Logan so much and allowed him to be present and enjoy the moment.’ although there were still many people presenting their hatred for the brothers nonetheless we all can expect to see Logan and Jake in many more boxing matches.

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