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HEPA Air Purifier Can Significantly Reduce Airborne Covid-19 Particles – Read To Know How


As we know COVID -19 virus is very dangerous. Due to this restriction easy nationwide and there is lockdown also. Lockdown because this virus spreads very easily. Many people are infecting every day and every day many people are getting died due to this dangerous virus. But besides this many people host gathering in their homes and many also host parties in their homes.  So investing in an air purifier is not a bad idea.  As we know COVID -19 is now airborne. So invest in a highly efficient air purifier is not a bad idea. HEPA air purifiers can significantly reduce airborne COVID_19 particles. A medicine researcher of the University of Cincinnati college says we should have to invest in air efficiency air purifiers.

Some researchers and professors said aerosols and submicron particles are similar in size to the SARS _COV_2 Virion have shown that portable HEPA purifiers are able to significantly reduce airborne COVID_19 particles. This same statement was also said by Ahmad Sedaghat. Ahmad Sedaghat is MD, Ph.D. and also director of the UC Division of Rhinology, Allergy, and Anterior Skull Base Surgery. Sedaghat also published his medical literature on the effectiveness of HEPA purifiers. His review is also available online in the scholarly journal of the  American Academy of Otolaryngology.

Air purifiers are very helpful for everyone. As we know coronavirus is increasing day by day. Peoples does not want to go anywhere and there is fear of death. Mainly education system is affected by this deadly virus. The school is closed for 1.5 years, many doctors are died due to this deadly COVID19 virus. If we use air purifiers they help to clean these small size virus particles and make our surrounding virus-free, people can also go to some home gatherings and house parties. Physicians can place this purifier in their clinic and hospital. Many people have not such big houses or such big rooms so using an air purifier may keep their surrounding virus free. Air purifiers benefit everywhere like in hospital, and physicians where the process of aerosol-generating procedures occur, However, they are useful for eliminating COVID transmission anywhere that large groups of individuals congregate. Before COVID 19 use of air purifiers is very less, people generally not thinking about the use of good air purifiers but after COVID it is necessary to use an air purifier, as we know this virus becomes airborne. It can transmit easily if we do not wear a mask.

Statement of Ahmad Sedaghat from his journal ” one of the issues with COVID _19, is when physicians perform an aerosol-generating medical procedure any asymptomatic COVID-19 POSITIVE patients may release SARS-COV-2 Laden aerosols into the air. Guidance from the centers for Disease Control indicates that we Can rely on our HVAC system to slowly decontaminate the air during an hour timeframe. Studies in the medical literature are showing us that we can use portable air purifiers to do a better job of dominating these airborne particles to do a better and faster job of dominating these airborne particles to keep our patients and staff safe”.

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