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Newsletter Publishers Concerned About Apple’S New Updated Mail Privacy Protection Coming With Ios 15


Newsletter publishers concerned about Apple`s mail privacy protection will crater the industry.

Recently Stocks of Apple have been taken by developers and businesses. So some of the announced platform updates there is growing concern among publishers that a specific feature of Mail privacy protection compresses the entire industry.

At the Monday conference was held by Apple. This conference was worldwide by  Apple Developers during this conference the company Apple unmask about their new features that are Mail privacy protection. This new feature is awesome or can say that amazing in this feature mail privacy protection effectively restricts email services and advertisers, associates from collecting personal and useful information about its users.

In the worldwide developer’s conference session, it explained that Email may have remote images which are used for collecting analytics and necessary information. This remote image is opened and come from a third party. This third party leaves a data trail data like at what time, on which location, and on what type of device an email was read.

The data are obtained from the attractive image and other resources or strategies is dangerous for marketers,  researchers,  publishers, newsletter publishers, and other business which is based on email sending or distribution models.  When this email gets opened it attracts an audience and takes information from that and in some cases, these image translates into ad dollars.

Mail privacy protection is only for mail app users on iOS and Mac. NO other device like androids is not able to use this feature that is mail privacy protection.

Exactly Apple does not clearly clarify how this feature will work, but the company assures this mail privacy protection covers the IP address of users and it also prevents senders from knowing useful data collection via invisible pixels.  Sometimes forward mail from unknown users knows information about by location, device, and usage information before the opening of the mail or before reading by users.

This mail privacy protection will offer a couch warning to users to publishers and this feature is very effective.

In this worldwide conference of apple developers Privacy specialist engineer of Apple said, ” if you have been using remote images to measure the impact of campaigns, there are a few changes to be aware of. Since mail content may be loaded automatically after delivery, the time of mail viewing will no longer be correct and since that content is loaded without revealing people`s IP addresses and without headers the location and type of device reading the mail are not revealed. And you will see your emails as being opened regardless of if the users read it or not.”

Like iOS beta testers, users will protect the  Protect Mail Activity when very first open Apples’ first-party app. This feature is also included in the system set by default.

Surely all iOS and MAC users will love this feature. This feature protects the privacy and with App Tracking Transparency mail privacy protection will likely see high opting rates.

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