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Microsoft Outlook For Ios Will Now Let Users Dictate Their Emails Intead Of Typing


Day by day technology is getting advanced. Every day we hear about the new one. Microsoft outlook may now let users dictate email and schedule meetings by using voice commands.  By using voice commands one can write an email and scheduled meetings also. This new awesome technology first comes with Outlook iOS users.  This feature is not available for Android users. But Microsoft confirms this feature will come on Android also This feature previously only available on the Microsoft Outlook desktop app. This feature was not available on the Phone. Microsoft may use Cortana to help users to navigate the Outlook app on mobile platforms.  Cortana is Microsoft’s assistant.

The blog of  Microsoft says that this feature will make it easier for users to send an email, searching the app, scheduling meetings for Android and iOS users. So there is no tension of typing of such long email, not to panic easily they can dictate such long emails just in a period of time, also they can find up in just a few seconds, very quickly they can schedule a meeting time. No tension in typing they have to only dictate things. Redmond says their virtual assistant Cortana will use artificial intelligence to help users multitasks. There is no use of task commands.

THE BEST feature of Microsoft Cortana is the ability to schedule meetings by using its text-to-speech capabilities. Microsoft says their virtual assistant Cortana will help find the right file or contact and also manage user`s calendars to search and schedule meetings. Only users have to search for icon and after that on the microphone icon which is present in the right corner on the lower side of the outlook iOS app to use the new features functionally. Users can easily do this setting and enjoy the benefits of this feature.

Users can use this voice assistant of the Microsoft Outlook mobile app to make new emails and to reply to emails. This feature uses Microsoft dictation. The company says there is less chance of error or spelling mistake as it uses a Microsoft graph to recognize the name of a user`s coworker. People can easily write any official email without getting an error and spelling mistake. Quickly people can search apps and schedule meetings. No time wasted on typing such a big email. If you have lots of apps only have to say the name of the app just in the second app will appear.

This helps users to search email and meetings by using voice inputs, not text commands. There is one example, like you may say when I am going to attend the next meeting, then Cortana scans your calendar and respond.  Like your meeting is on Thursday, Cortana scans and says on Thursday. For scheduling a meeting you have used a complex compound like to fix my meeting with Alex on Friday and also add Hanna, for this scheduled meeting Cortana Outlook for iOS.

This feature will be soon available on Android as well.

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