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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4 – When Is It Coming? Everything To Know


Season 3 may sure come to the conclusion that Call of Duty: Black Ops cold war zone and after fast approaching earlier this week. Season 3 has released officially. Season 3 is very brief and everyone loves that Season. But Like all games, some treasures are dropped to guess what will be going to happen in season 4.

This Season 3 Outro Cinematic for Black ops cold war and Warzone based on the theory of outgoing story of the game. That is a conflict between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. This story also specially focuses on Perseus. Perseus is the villainous fraction that is behind the fact. It appeared in the story of the game campaign.

Alder was safely recovered by the team of Frank Woods and his awesome team. The recovery Alder discusses in the Outro Cinematic. Alder had been kidnapped by Perseus agent Naga. Perseus is the main villain character.  The Outrcinematics also discloses that the result was predicted, wood rose alder faster than the expectation of   Perseus agents. In Outro Cinematic, there is three villainous type character. The name of these characters is  Viktor Kuzmin that is “Stitch Freya”  second is Helvig that is Wraith and the third is Roman Gray that is “Knight”.  Alder was captured by the operator  Kapano Vang that is “Naga”. He is the only missing member. The other Warsaw pact operators are not actual Perseus members.

In the Outro cinematic agent Also, some of the secrets disclose that surely someone in South Africa assured to carry out some mission. This is the main hint that it is going to a new conclusion for the arrival of the new season. Also, the Outro Cinematic suggests that the location of season four 4 may be in South Africa. Season 2 focusing on Laos, however, Season 3 focusing on Russia. Because of this, It looks like Season four is going to be focused on South America.

Eighty Action Hero and events continue and Season three is drawing to a close. Very soon Season four is going to launch. Before launch Tyeasers has some important things to release also includes the Double XP event.

Last week The final new weapon series of season 3 is the AMP63 Machine pistol released by the Treyarch. This was the last sidearm of six new weapon series to arrive and it is still expected that the final new weapon series end with new contexts, maybe a new season will come.

Neither creator nor Treyarch confirmed the release date for Black Ops Cold war season 4. May it will come after some time. As mentioned Treyears has many pending things to do, but sure he will release the new season very soon. Some tick talkers and bloggers are also spreading rumors about this. As we know season third had loved by all fans, the public, and viewers. This season third also ends with little teasers so this is very clear that Season four will soon come but when it is not declared yet.

However, last week Tyreach wrote that “Season four is just around the corner .”

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