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WhatsApp Will Be Calling Its Users For Account Verification Soon And There Is A Good Reason For It


Like the Truecaller app, WhatsApp is working on new techniques which will help automatically to verify your account. This amazing feature is termed Flash calls, this Flash calls, helps WhatsApp to verify your account login by calling your number.

When we use that method. We will not use a 6-digit verification code that we have used before that is already sent by SMS. This new technique is spotted by the WhatsApp tracker. The new feature available on WhatsApp is WhatsApp tracker said by  WABetainfo. This tracker is present in the latest beta version of the Android app.  This time the development of this awesome feature is still not completed,  very soon this feature becomes possible to use.

This version of WhatsApp is not new these days. Many apps are available in the market to use for verifying your account. One of the most used and astonishing apps is the one and only True caller. True caller is an app that is used to find caller identification. It also uses some features that WhatsApp will be going to use in the future.

When we use this flash to call the method for call verification method, same as Truecaller, WhatsApp will take permission for making phone calls, it will access call logs. Otherwise, we may choose to receive an OTP which will come through SMS.

According to a report through reliable WABetanifo, the chat app is testing this ability on Android.

However, this amazing feature of WhatsApp is only present in Androids. This will be sad news for iOS users because they will not able to use features. This will only limit to Android users.

WABetainfo said ” This tracker will only access the call log to compare the last entry, it will not use for any other purpose. . This will work as people may opt-in to receive a call for verification. This means they WhatsApp will call for a short period of time, it is not necessary to receive the call.

WA flash calls are used for account verification. Especially, Instagram is testing this call verification code over WhatsApp. . These days Instagram is not sending an SMS.

This new development comes an action-packed week for WhatsApp. From these things company said that it is confirmed that it is excess to use one account in many devices that is we say on multiple devices and because of these features people will four devices under this feature. It means people will use the chat app on their iPad and one more feature is WhatsApp implements to fasten the speed of voice playback of the voice message.

Before this Truecaller uses this feature. The true calling application is available on both Android and iOS users. There is no limitation on the Truecaller app. It has many features like call blocking, identification of the caller, flash message, call recording, chat, and voice through using the internet. This app is available on smartphones.

We the hope WhatsApp feature will come very soon and we all enjoy this new feature.

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