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Turkish Mafia Boss Gains Popularity On Youtube By Blaming The Turkish Ruling Party Through His Videos


From an alleged drug trafficking and the person who used transfer weapons to the Islamic militants and even a convicted crime ringleader from Ankara, Turkey has now captivated the nation’s attention and turned into an unlikely social media phenomenon by dishing the dirt on members of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party through a series of tell-all Youtube videos. 

Reis Sedat Peker is a 49-year-old fugitive Turkish mafia boss, who is now the reason for all the chaos in the country of Turkey as he has revealed a lot of sensitive information about his own country’s political power structure and numerous government engagements in possibly illegal activities by releasing nearly 90-minute long videos through his own YouTube channel from his base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the videos, he has made numerous accusations about the ruling political party in Turkey, with the motive of settling his scores with the political figures. But it may come as a surprise to you as Sedat Peker had once openly supported Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, which is the current ruling party in Turkey now, but now out of the blue, he is making scandalous yet unproven allegations with political figures which have raised havoc in the country.

His YouTube videos have been viewed more than 75 million times, which as a result caused an uproar by the Turkish citizens as with every video he has successfully increased the concerns of the citizens with the Turkish state corruption and issues within the government itself as his videos have exposed the problems within the ruling party as the party has been divided into factions which are now having rivalry amongst themselves. 

His recent videos have targeted the former Interior Minister Mehmet Agar and his son, Tolga, whom he accused of raping a young Kazakh journalism student and later covering up her murder as a suicide. And he went on by saying how Mehmet Agar misused the luxury marina as he stated that he may have been used in drug trafficking operations which compelled Mehmet Agar to later resign his post from the Marina. 

This was just one of the examples. His other videos have many more accusations against various business people and media figures and anyone who is close to the government. Another instance that was Sedat’s most taunting and mocking video was for the Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, whom he accused of abuse of power and corruption while aiming to become Turkey’s president. He justifies his statement by saying Soylu betrayed him despite the fact that he was the one who helped Soylu to defeat a rival faction within the ruling party. So it is very clear that he does all of this to get his revenge on the government. 

And he does all this by sitting just in front of the tripod and camera with a desk in front of him which is filled with all types of neatly arranged notes, and books, that’s all he requires to ensure the doom of the politicians, nothing else. It is so amusing how Youtube videos can bring a whole government down. I am sure the ruling party in Turkey and even its citizens would have never even imagined in their wildest of dreams that a series of Youtube videos could bring so much harm to them and their country. 

With such interesting facts and statements whose attention wouldn’t be attracted towards these videos. Now, all we gotta see is that with these kinds of continuous videos will he successfully destroy the current ruling party of the Turkish nation and settle his scores, and what happens to the Turkish government then? Or will he be forcefully stopped?

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