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Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Episode Release Date, News And Spoilers


Fear the Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson whose storyline is the byproduct of the famous series The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. So it is very obvious that it has a large fanbase and most of them include teenagers as they love these kinds of shows. I mean with a mixture of action and supernatural things who wouldn’t be attracted to them. 

So dear readers we have seen that the first three seasons serve as a prequel to each other focusing on a blended family who experience the start of the zombie apocalypse. Zombies, now they are some really interesting creatures and they keep your eyes stuck to the screen as with zombies in the series it can never get boring. 

The series had first premiered on August 23, 2015, and is currently in its sixth season and the finale episode, episode 16, is going to be one hell of an action-packed and thriller episode. So sit tight dear readers and fans of Fear the Walking Dead. Now, before I get on with providing a tiny bit of spoilers why don’t we have a quick recap of Episode 15 which was named the ‘USS Pennsylvania’ named after the submarine they are in. So we all witnessed how Teddy was preparing to launch the nuclear missiles with the help of Riley who is the former Weapons officer of the submarine and is knowledgeable about the layout of the weapons.

Whereas the rest of the survivors with their leader being Morgan need to reach the submarine and stop the cult leader, Teddy, from committing mass genocide by the release of the nuclear missiles. But on their arrival at the submarine, they were attacked by zombies, who were once the submarine’s crew. While another group of survivors led by Lucinia head to the Naval Base searching for information to stop the attack.

As the group of survivors fights their way into the submarine they soon encounter a room with radioactive waste that suggests something devastating happening on the submarine. Seeing that Strand and Morgan fight through the zombies making their way towards the control room But unfortunately, it was too late as by the time Strand and Morgan enter the control room, Teddy and Riley had already launched ten warheads and that was one thing which couldn’t be reversed. Now that was one intense ending that left the audience wondering what will happen next. 

So for the spoilers, the season finale will be based on the aftermath of the missile launch as none of our favorite characters outside the submarine are safe. I know that is very disheartening and we might even have to witness the death of our favorite Strand and Morgan who sacrifice themselves to save the ones outside. Although a seventh season has also been announced, which is set to premiere in late 2021. The showrunner has promised the season finale to be having ‘far-reaching changes’ for both the characters and the world of The Walking Dead, which will make Season 7 to be dramatically different and more intense. Therefore in short it will be one hell of a finale that will leave all of you on your toes. So let’s wait for the 13th of June to tune into the finale of season 6.

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